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Dec 05 2006

Scaramella Modifies His Story

In an interview with CNN Scaramella implies that the threats to him and Litvinenko were not from the Russian government, but simply Russian by background – which really challenges (again) the Putin assissination theory: “I received several e-mails from another source he [Litvinenko] introduced to me some years before, saying that him and me were […]

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Dec 05 2006

Iran And Polonium-210

One angle which has not been explored sufficiently is that of Iran and Polonium-210. It was reported back in Feb 2004 that Iran has produced Polonium as part of their nuclear production efforts: WASHINGTON, Feb 24 (AFP) — Iran produced and experimented with polonium — used in the timing of nuclear explosions — some time […]

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Dec 05 2006

Litvinenko Update

Major Update: Breaking news: The Arsenal stadium has become an new contamination site: Traces of polonium-210, the radioactive isotope that killed Alexander Litvinenko, have been found at Arsenal’s new stadium. Scotland Yard has been searching for clues since the former Russian spy was poisoned and the stadium in Highbury, north London, was checked before the […]

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Dec 05 2006

TIMES UK Off The Deep End

One has to realize

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