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Dec 09 2006

UK Preparing For Dirty Bomb Attack

I don’t need to underline what could possibly have pushed the UK to scramble and prepare their police forces for a possible dirty bomb attack: POLICE forces have been told to buy anti-radiation masks for their 100,000 frontline officers to protect them in the event of a “dirty bomb” terrorist attack. The Association of Chief […]

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Dec 09 2006

Tea Cup Mystery – Final Clue

Many people are making a lot out of a tea cup at the Millenium Hotel in order to conclude that an assassination attempt must have happened at the Millenium Hotel Bar (despite all the other contaminated sites and people which precede the meeting of Litvinenko with Lugovoi and Kovtun): POISONED former KGB spy Alexander Litvinenko […]

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Dec 09 2006

Update On Radiation Finds In Germany

The activity around Dmitry Kovtun’s home in Hamburg, Germany is spreading. As readers noted in comments in the previous post the radiation has been found in apartments of Kovtun’s ex-wife and ex-mother-in-law (original story here, yahoo interpretation here): Hamburg – when investigations in a house in Haselau in the circle Pinneberg was determined a contamination, […]

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