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Dec 15 2006

Way Too Much Time On Their Hands

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Someone has way too much time on their hands if they think warnings on clothes for over weight people is something governments should invest in. Being overweight is a known danger people struggle with. Being a nag will not help one single person deal with the problem. The people behind this should be sacked. They […]

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Dec 15 2006

Lugovoi Definitely Berezovsky Ally

I was going to add this in a long line of comments to answer someone’s question, and decided to make a post for everyone to find. Lugovoi was definitely an ally of Berezovsky’s – so the assassination theory seems a little more stretched than it was before. And it explains why Goldfarb first tried to […]

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Dec 15 2006

More Litvinenko News

I missed this Raw Story articles by Larisa Alexandrovna on Litvinenko’s contacts with the security firm where radiation was found: Alexander Litvinenko, the ex-FBS officer who was recently murdered in London, was working for a British security firm at the time of his death, two well placed British sources who wish to remain unidentified tell […]

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