Dec 08 2006

Strange Report On Poisoned Cup

This seems a bit wierd and doesn’t explain much of the contamination.

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  1. tempester says:

    I believe they used this substance becuase the intention was to kill a large number of people – if they used a certain amount of polonium they would have 2-3 weeks to hit everyone before anyone was aware that they had been poisoned. by which time the assasins would be back in Russia and the targets would start dropping like flies. I think there was somehow a mistake and Litvinenko got overdosed. I think he was just one of many targets.

  2. clarice says:

    What if Litvinenko was working a sting for the Brits? What if he’d heard of official or semi-oofficial polonium smuggling and tipped them off?

    What if he was assassinated beofre he could pull the sting?

    We do know that British intel was reportedly seeking an apt near his and Zakayev’s house but not why? Maybe he was a source to them? Maybe all those meetings with Lugovoy and his entourage and the security companies were to coordinate the sting?

  3. tempester says:

    It is possible, it was reported that Litvinenko was warned by british intel that he was at risk becuase of his relationship with Beresovsky et al – evidence of a relationhip between litninenko and brit intel. Also Scaramella reportedly tracked nuclear waste. It is quite possible that FSB had rented a house in that street considering there were two people of interest to them living there.

  4. tempester says:

    I dont think this is about smuggling, I think it was a multiple assasination that went wrong – Litvinenko got too ill too quickly and the Polonium was discovered. maybe the assasins underestimated the legnths the british police would go to and the media response. This investigation has been very costly! If it had occurred in some other country it may well not have been so fully investigated?

  5. clarice says:

    The investigation is coting a fortune..Yes, I think if the death had been slower, the Brits would never have figured it out.

    Litvinenko’s associates would certainly have suspected poisoning but the stuff would have decayed so much detection would have been even harder. As it was they realized what it was only hours before he died. And it is a poison with no antidote or ameliorative treatment possible.
    When last I saw news of him Scaramella was back inItaly..saying he had videotapes, stuff signed by KGB officers in their own hands, etc.

  6. tempester says:

    It appears that Logovoi is being kept away from the british police and
    it is claimed by his lawyer that he is not ill – indicating that he wants to be questioned.

  7. tempester says:

    The fact that Litvinenko was tee-total is interesting. was he always tee-total? or just not drinking on that day? if the assasin knew all three were going to for example share a bottle of vodka it could be poisoned – giving each person a small dose but enough to kill slowly. What if the attempt had started earlier – at the end of october – but each time they met for drinks Litvinenko did not share the alcahol. he therefore had to be given an individual dose on the 1st November in the tea cup. Therefore the other two had been recieving small doses of poison for several weeks beforehand and that is why they were contaminated in october?

  8. tempester says:

    It has been intimated that the contaminated worker were foreign i would make a guess that at least some of them were polish. It may be possible for a russian to blend into the staff.