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Dec 04 2006

My Day Job: Back To The Moon, Onto Mars

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NASA has finally announced the plans for going back to the Moon, and from there onto Mars. Consider this an Explorer’s Open Thread and I will try to answer any questions I can. This is what I do when I am not blogging. And I hope to do this until the day I die, and […]

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Dec 04 2006

Terrorist Attack Was UK Number 1 Threat

Here is an interesting reminder of what the UK intelligence and security people feared most, before Litvinenko took over the headlines (H/T Clarice Feldman): Tuesday November 14, 2006 The Guardian British intelligence officials believe that al-Qaida is determined to attack the UK with a nuclear weapon, it emerged yesterday. The announcement, from an officially organised […]

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Dec 04 2006

More Chechen Ties To Litvinenko

I am taking this source with a huge grain of salt, but there is a claim now that Litvinenko’s ties to the Chechen Islamist terrorists was stronger – according to Chechen sources: It has been reported from London and Chechen sources that ex-KGB and FSB Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko was not only a convert to […]

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Dec 04 2006

The New Litvinenko Timeline

Update:More reporting on the fact that Russia’s sole Polonium-210 reactor has been idle for two years and a review of stocks and transports of nuclear material in Russia show no missing material. Major Update: Breaking news says the hunt is on for more contamination sites in hotels. I was about to predict this (and should […]

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Dec 04 2006

We Need To Fire Anan

Kofi Anan has been an unmitigated disaster as head of the UN. The guy is so partisan and so anti-America (probably because we cut off is slush fund from Saddam Hussein under the Oil For UN Crooks Program) that he is useless. Everytime the man opens his mouth America gets one more reason to just […]

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Dec 04 2006

Litvinenko Was A Muslim, And Alex Pulls Another “Goldfarb”

The Litvienko case is very intriguing. One of the most intriguing stories we have seen in a long time. I think its intrigue comes from the fact that it could have major political implications across the globe and impact the overall war on Islamo Fascism. As the readers on this site know (and hash out […]

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