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Dec 23 2006

When Did The UN Grow A Spine On Iran?

Did the exit of the waffling Kofi Anan allow the UN to grow a spine and slap sanctions on Iran? Or was it the mad rantings of Ahmadinejad finally worried the moribund UN that maybe the nutter was actually serious and willing to martyr an entire country for Allah. Whatever the source of newfound resolve, […]

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Dec 23 2006

Al Qaeda Offer Dems Terms Of Our Surrender

Al Qaeda is impatient for the Democrats to make good on their election year promises (yes, Al Qaeda is that naive as to believe a US politician in DC). In fact, they have now offered up terms for our safe surrender of Iraq to Bin Laden so that the Democrats know for sure that they […]

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Dec 23 2006

Major Taliban Figure Killed

A top Taliban leader close to Osama Bin Laden and Mullah Omar was killed in a US air strike this past week, which is another indication that, contrary to he media and the liberal Chicken Littles, we are still making a lot of progress against the terrorists: U.S. forces said on Saturday they had killed […]

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