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Dec 13 2006

Some Litvinenko Thoughts

The news on Litvinenko’s death and the Polonium-210 trail has succumbed to the moder Ripper news, so obviously something very quiet is being done behind the scenes or the trail is growing cold. I think it is the former because

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Dec 13 2006

$25 Million Worth Of Polonium-210

Another source is confirming the value of the Polonium-210 that killed Litvinenko was in the tens of millions: German investigators say the radioactive polonium-210 used to kill a former Russian spy in London last month would have cost $25 million on the black market. The Berliner Zeitung quoted a police source Wednesday as saying police […]

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Dec 13 2006

New Clues Emerge In Litvinenko Incident

Two new clues have emerged in the puzzle that is the Litvinenko incident. There are now some vague reports of another Russian of interest associated with Kovtun and his trip to Hamburg from Moscow in October (before Litvinenko fell ill): An unnamed Russian businessman who flew from Moscow to Hamburg on October 28 with Mr […]

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Dec 13 2006

Civil War Will Break Out In The ME

Saudi Arabia has made it clear that they will run to support the Iraqi Sunni’s if the USE tries to run from its responsibilities in Iraq, setting the stage for an Arab Persian war between Iran and the Shiites in Iraq and Sunni and their Arab allies. Saudi Arabia has told the Bush administration that […]

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