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Dec 11 2006

Spying On Di – OK, On Al Qaeda – No

Democrats have stepped into it big time. We need to make sure the NSA’s program of monitoring known terrorists overseas and passing any leads on possible terrorists in the US be continued. And now the Democrats are going to have to explain why it was OK to monitor Princess Di, but it is not important […]

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Dec 11 2006

The Emerging “Dirty Bomb” Theory

Finally we are seeing some people using science, analysis and logic to address the fact we have a series of sworn enemies of Russia, who are aligned with allies of Al Qaeda, turning up exposed to massive amounts of Polonium 210 (compared the amount needed to kill one person), a material used in nuclear bomb […]

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Dec 11 2006

New Litvinenko Theory

Update: Terrible news out of Germany as it appears Kovtun’s ex-wife, her two kids and her current partner werer contamination, and possibly poisoned, by Polonium 210: Four people in Germany may have ingested the radioactive substance that killed former Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko, German police said, as German investigators probed the activities of one of […]

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