Oct 28 2005

T Minus 60 Minutes…

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The reports coming out seem more and more firm about a Libby indictment – but an indictment that is so ridiculous it begs the question of why bother. Libby’s notes say he learned of Valerie from a meeting with Cheney, he said he thought he heard of her from reporters. He did here about her from reporters around the same time.

This is it? Fitzgerald is going to go down as the man who indicted Libby for trying to tell the truth about lies printed in the press. What a way to end a career.

Reuters has a an update on the situation with an interesting portion of wording [emphasis mine]:

But special counsel Patrick Fitzgerald informed President George W. Bush’s top political adviser, Karl Rove, that he would not be among those indicted on Friday, although Fitzgerald indicated that Rove would remain under investigation and in legal jeopardy, legal sources said.

More than Libby, that is for sure.

And Jim Lynch has come out with ‘The Night Before Fitzmas’ to commemorate this led balloon.


My 20 year old daughter was invited to the Bush speech in southern Virginia this morning (member of the College Republicans). She was able to get a 3rd row seat and shake the President’s hand afterwards. How cool is that! Sorry – nothing new on Rove. Just the rantings of a proud father.


Tom Maguire has a post discussing the fact that it is becoming clear the outing of Plame apparently is not going to be considered a crime. Tom points to indicators that her cover was blown by Aldrich Ames and her last cover was not a very serious attempt to hide her. Not to mention the CIA did not muzzle Wilson after the Kristof and Pincus articles that referred to him anonymously. My view – she was not covered. I still think the fact that Miller thought she was at WINPAC meant she had moved out of CPD by the time Wilson exposed us to his dribble.

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  1. alcibiades says:

    Jane Hamsher suggests that rumors are flying that Libby may have tried to wipe his hard drive and Fitzgerald reconstituted the message. Have no idea if this is true or whether it is remorphisized projection from Clinton days of yore, but it does make more sense than failing to remember what was in his own notes. Guess we’ll find out soon enough.

  2. Lesley says:

    Awww, Dad, I’d be proud, too.

    I, too, have a 20 year old daughter at St. Olaf college, also a College Republican. It is deeply gratifying to me how grounded she remains, surrounded by a sea of liberalism.

    You’ve been posting some remarkably thoughtful pieces, AJ.