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Feb 06 2008

Romney Opposed Ronald Reagan?

I have to wonder about all those pure “Reagan Conservatives” who are backing the supposedly ‘true’ conservative Mitt Romney – as this McCain campaign ad illustrates: So Mitt Romney opposed Reagan. And he is the true Reagan conservative? Who is feeding who a bunch of propaganda?Who is feeding who a bunch of propaganda? Why is […]

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Feb 06 2008

Taliban Scream “Uncle!”

OK, why would the Taliban announce a unilateral and unconditional ceasefire in the tribal areas of Pakistan? A Taliban spokesman declared on Wednesday a unilateral ceasefire from South Waziristan to Swat, saying no security forces would be targeted. “We will not attack any security person, be it in Waziristan or in Swat (district),” Taliban spokesman […]

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Feb 06 2008

al-Qaeda Retreating From Iraq To Set Up Cells Elsewhere – Now We Need The NSA Like Never Before

It looks like al-Qaeda is finally realizing their war against Iraqi Muslims is making them an enemy of Islam (at least in Iraq) and not positioning them to be the future of Islam. Apparently al-Qaeda forces are leaving Iraq to be trained in Pakistan and then deploy elsewhere in the world: The US intelligence chief […]

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Feb 06 2008

An Uplifting Story Of Surviving The Tornados

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Students at a university in the path of the storm were able to get to safety, weather the fury of the tornado, and then help each other resulting in no fatalities as their dorm was torn asunder around them. A truly inspiring and uplifting story from CNN.

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Feb 06 2008

Clinton’s Faltering Campaign On Fumes

It seems Hillary Clinton is out of gas. As Obama is on track to continue to swamp Clinton in campaign donations Hillary has had to loan herself $5M to keep her campaign afloat to next week’s round of devastating primaries and caucuses: Senator Hillary Clinton confirmed at a press conference in Virginia this afternoon that […]

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Feb 06 2008

Conservative Talk Radio Ain’t Dead, It Just Smells Funky

Welcome Instapundit Readers!: I would like to go on the record as someone who has always opposed John McCain for President, but who also understands that the conservative movement has more to lose with Obama and Clinton in the WH than with McCain in the WH. I second Glenn in recommending this companion piece at […]

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Feb 06 2008

Al Qaeda’s Sick Act Of Desperation in Iraq

al-Qaeda cannot convince men to die for their cause and that means they have no army to fight with. So now they are going after children to die for Bin Laden’s foolishness: Al-Qaeda fighters in Iraq are training young children as gunmen and kidnappers, the US and Iraqi militaries alleged on Wednesday, releasing a video […]

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Feb 06 2008

Obama Edges Clinton In Delegates, Democrats Rudderless

Clinton won the big states, but the proportional allocation of delegates allowed Obama to take the delegate lead from her anyway: In a surprise twist after a chaotic Super Tuesday, Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) passed Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) in network tallies of the number of delegates the candidates racked up last night. Clinton […]

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Feb 06 2008

The RINO “Pseudo-Conservatives” Trounced The “True Conservatives”

I told you so. Yep, had to get that out of the way finally. Ever since the Gang of 14 and Harriet Miers I have warned the angry right that their purity wars against Bush and all who dared to disagree with them (which continued through issues like Dubai Ports and Immigration) was going to […]

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Feb 06 2008

Super Tuesday Super Summary: McCain Wins Big, Romney Loses Big, Obama-Hillary Tie, Dems Win Massive Turn Out

Here is my summary of Super Tuesday (live blogging post below): McCain is the big winner. He took the big states (still waiting on CA) and he took primaries with real voters with big margins. The Big Loser was Romney. He fell to 3rd across the south which tells me he is not carrying the […]

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