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Feb 15 2008

Assassinated Hezbollah Terrorist Was Planning Large Terrorist Attack, Are Democrats Risking The Lives Of Our Military?

There are reports that the Hezbollah terrorist recently assassinated in Damascus was in the stages of planning a huge attack against other Arab states, probably with the assistance of the Iranians: A Kuwaiti newspaper reports that Hizbullah terrorist chief Imad Mughniyeh, who was killed in a car-bomb attack in Damascus on Tuesday, was in the […]

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Feb 15 2008

In Time Of War Dems Pushing To Investigate Americans, But Not Terrorists

This nation is fed up with hyper-partisan crap, especially attempts to smear the other party for simply exercising what has been normal government power. To illustrate that the Surrendercrat Party is still not a mature or serious offering of leadership the Democrat Congress is going to do two things this week: (1) they targeted US […]

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