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Feb 07 2008

Suicide Voters, “Independent” Conservatives And Other Foolishness

Boy, has the political world been turned on its head as Americans run from the fringes and towards ‘the center’. Today is one of those days I am a proud (and an original – since 1982) Independent Conservative. The madness overtaking the Mary Poppins Conservatives as they run around with their Holier Than Thou schtick […]

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Feb 07 2008

The Last “True” Conservative Bows Out Of Presidential Race

As I predicted Romney’s poor showing on Super Tuesday, especially his dismal 3rd place showing across the South, pretty much ended his bid for the GOP nomination. It appears Romney has realized that his poor showing, coupled with his low donation rates given how much he has had to self fund his campaign, indicates a […]

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Feb 07 2008

al-Qaeda Shifting Tactics To Stop Hemorrhaging Muslim Support

al-Qaeda has decided – too late in my opinion – to stop killing Muslims as a way to impress the very same Muslims on how Islam would be under al-Qaeda’s Islamo Fascist rule: Al-Qaeda militants operating here have shifted tactics to try to improve their image among Iraqis and avoid the mass civilian killings that […]

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