Feb 06 2008

Super Tuesday Super Summary: McCain Wins Big, Romney Loses Big, Obama-Hillary Tie, Dems Win Massive Turn Out

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Here is my summary of Super Tuesday (live blogging post below): McCain is the big winner. He took the big states (still waiting on CA) and he took primaries with real voters with big margins. The Big Loser was Romney. He fell to 3rd across the south which tells me he is not carrying the heart land of conservatism. Huckabee was the second biggest winner by taking 5 states in the South and helping put Romney’s campaign on life support.

The interesting battle was on the left. As predicted Hillary and Obama fought to a tie – which means Obama is still rising and Hillary is barely hanging on. Delegate counts do count and Obama is coming out of this basically tied with Hillary. The other thing that happened to the Dems is they came out to the far left, making their efforts in the general very problematic.

This big win for the dems was in turnout. Just look at the races in each state and notice the overwhelming numbers on the democrat side. Combine the votes for the dems and they swamp the GOP. This means every frustrated conservative who sits home in a pique with McCain AND his supporters are just giving their vote away to the dems. Update – Dems out voted the GOP 64-36% per Karl Rove. People, take notice!

McCain was not my pick by far, but I cannot see letting Hillary or Obama win by sitting home pouting. Not after all the blood and lives we lost in the desert of Iraq. Sitting home and letting the Surrendercrats win IS an act of treason – against those who we sent to war with a promise to support them no matter what.

That is the reality folks – we have it all on the line and to win requires supporting McCain. Final notes – McCain and Hillary won CA. So we have the GOP nominee and a huge battle on the democrat side. Get over it folks, the immigration issue was not what the hyper-partisans thought it would be. And the “true conservative” (Mitt Romney) has failed miserably. Now the only question is do we let the Dems destroy all we accomplished in Iraq in a fit of frustration or do we do the ugly and hard job of fighting to make their sacrifices mean something?

Here is the bottom line – who would Bin Laden prefer in the WH: McCain or one of the Dems?

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  1. Here is the bottom line – who would Bin Laden prefer in the WH: McCain or one of the Dems?

    Posted by AJStrata on Wednesday, February 6th, 2008 at 12:17 am.

    And that, AJ, …..IS the ONLY thing that matters!

    I don’t particularly “like” John McCain, and it’s not because I’m a “conservative” (I’m NOT, by any measure!).

    But, every since Jimmy Carter became President, we have, as voters, been presented with a clear choice in our General Presidential Elections:

    a) we either vote for a flawed Republican candidate, or

    b) we vote for a “Democratic” candidate who clearly hates America, and will work against it’s best interests.

    That is because since Carter, the Democratic Party has been controled by the McGovernite/Hollywoodite/Anti-American/Socialist/Leftist/European-model/Effete/MSM Elites.

    Carter was and is an Anti-American Southern Evangelical Nutbag!

    Mondale: Carteresque in his Anti-Americanism

    Dukkakis: a complete and utter Northeastern Anti-American Liberal in the John Kerry mold!

    Bill Clinton: wow, what can I say? Draft-dodger, Traitor, Leftist Crook, and a “Billery” Symbiote as well!

    Al Gore: a complete and utter Fraud and Nut!

    John Kerry: Traitor, pure and simple, an Effete European Traitor.

    Hillary Clinton: Socialist Anti-American Harpy!

    Barack HUSSEIN Obama: A Taqiyah practicing Anti-American/Pro-Jihadi Muslim who belongs to a Racist, Anti-American, Anti-White “Church”, and who has been in bed with Radical Anti-Semitic Palestinian “advisors” ever since he was in college!

    Those, ladies and gents, have been our “choices” compared to flawed Republican “choices”, for 30 years!

    As much as I may have to hold my nose, when I cast my vote for John McCain, at least he’s an “American”, and not one of those Anti-American/Pro-Jihadi Leftist Nutbags, that inhabits the other so-called “Party”.

  2. Mike M. says:

    Romney didn’t lose because he’s a Mormon. He lost because he’s a liberal DamnYankee.

    This is going to be an ugly, painful election. I’ve met McCain, and he is a self-righteous jerk. Not my first choice. Not my second, either.

    But he’s far less bad than either Dem. And with relatives living in the fallout pattern from a nuclear attack on Washington, I need to have a President who won’t treat national security as a sideshow to their Socialist Utopia.

  3. ivehadit says:

    Some conservatives are quick to blame everyone but themselves. Just like the libs, just the opposite side. Sorta like bombing abortion clinics and wondering why the public doesn’t support their views.

    I see alot of resentment, which is, as we know, drinking the poison and hoping the other guy dies.

    And for the record, I do believe McCain has won delegates over Romney 3/1. Romney can’t do it this year.

  4. Frogg says:

    Left by Terrye, all I’m saying is that if all states divided votes proportionately the delegate counts would look a lot different. No one is a big loser. Even McCain knows that Romney was chomping at his heals.

    I also bet that many of the conservative states will find a way to compete with that libeal NE winner take all block in 2012 and beyond. Look for conservative leaning states to band together with early elections and a winner take all strategy to balance things out when the gate is opened in future elections.

    But, I can give McCain his due. Elections are what they are.

    Romney will crunch the numbers and get out at the right time. That may not be today. But, Romney has a bigger role to play than any of them in the near future. McCain can’t reach out to unite the party; but, Romney can. He will need to put positive support behind McCain and take his voters with him when the time comes. I hope he does that in a brilliant way. The best thing that could happen would be for Giuliani to campaign for McCain in the NE; Huck in the Bible belt; his Mom in retirement communities across the land to get out the “old” vote, and Romney in the rest .

    Most of all, McCain needs to bring his outdated campaign into a new updated light if he and his Mom expect to beat Obama and the youth vote.

    McCain needs to find his inspirational voice and communicate to Americans the full spectrum of the difference between the Democrat vision and the Republican vision for the future. If voters don’t hear the choice; they won’t vote the choice. There again……Huckabee, Romney, and Giuliani could all give great assistance.

    I don’t think McCain can pull it off in November (unless the Democrats shoot themselves in the foot somewhere along the line). But, hope runs eternal.

  5. Frogg says:

    Left by Terrye, I hope you don’t think Obama got so many votes because he supports giving drivers liscences to illegals. Obama’s voters don’t even know what he stands for and don’t care. Didn’t you see that Luntz focus group interview? They couldn’t say one thing that Obama has accomplished. And, when the youth group is asked what positions Obama has that they like……they can’t tell you….they only know that he is “da Man”. It’s a left brain, right brain thing…..and Obama makes them feel “utopian”. McCain will have to crack that “utopian” nut and bring them to reality and their senses (but with optimism).

    It’s a tall order because Americans have fallen back into their pre-9/11 sleep even as our enemy is positioning itself on the battlefield for their next phase.

    Bush will push back against Iran; but, the next President will have to do something about Iran. I’m sure Iran won’t be happy if McCain were to be that face.

    But, just as Huckabee and McCain formed a coalition to take out Romney (as some of you have chimed); the Jihadists and the Democrats will form a coalition to take out McCain.

  6. AJStrata says:


    Claiming Americans ignorance is why the far right is so disliked right now. Americans are not stupid, they just aren’t buying what the far right is selling.

  7. owl says:

    Wow, good thread. Obama is scary folks. Somebody with the skills needs to find exactly WHO supplied the 2004 money.

    I have heard both Hillary and him say they will immediately pull our troops. Vietnam. Again. They say we lost with a straight face. They do not blink an eye. People accept it because the MSM has drilled that ‘lie’ into them as ‘fact’. Repetition. Just think about that for a minute.

    Hillary and Obama are telling us to our faces that they will pull us out of Iraq because we lost. Insane.

    Obama has the ability to almost hypnotise. Listen to the rhythm.

  8. Frogg says:

    AJ, I did not say the far right is disliked because Americans are stupid. I’m saying that Obama’s message doesn’t have anything to do with issues (his voters have no clue what his positions are); and, that McCain’s strength on national security won’t matter; because Bush’s success in fighting GWOT has put Americans back to sleep in their pre-9-11 mentality. It’s a sour combination for any Republican to be up against.

  9. stag9634 says:

    Who remains? On one side we have a Marxist and an unaccomplished Speaker; on the other, a Theocrat, an advocate of a North American Union, and a Capitalist. And who do those most in a position to influence public opinion – the MSM and educational establishment- indict? It’s the one that you, me and the Free World depend upon most – the Capitalist, of course. Is this not a sweeping indictment of our educational establishment and main stream media where 90% are registered Democrats and Liberals?