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Feb 08 2008

al-Qaeda Losing Support In The Muslim World

Note to Osama: you can only murder and torture so many Muslims before they stop supporting your cause. It seems all those Muslims Bin Laden’s goons killed have families and friends and tribes who are now seeing al-Qaeda as the enemy of Islam, not the future of Islam: “There seems to be a greater indication […]

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Feb 08 2008

Hannity’s Afternoon Meltdown

Boy, oh boy. Something is happening with the ‘true’ conservatives on AM Talk Radio. I tuned into Hannity see what had happened today and the guy just went off on what can only be described as a lick-spittle tirade! Apparently Rich Galen wrote a piece today and noted how conservatives tearing down McCain is basically […]

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Feb 08 2008

Talk Radio Back In The Box

Glenn Reynolds linked to a very good observation about talk radio and its role in American politics – which is not as leaders for the cause: Polls didn’t look good for Romney going into that primary anyhow, and when he did lose it to McCain, it was evident that Hewitt & Co. had failed. I […]

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Feb 08 2008

We Are Going To Miss Global Warming

While Al Gore and his puppets do their Chicken Little dance about Global Warming, real scientists are focusing on the Sun – which has more to do with our climate than the 3% of the Green House effect caused by C02. The vast majority of the Green House effect is from H20 – water – […]

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Feb 08 2008

Suicide Voting A Stab At Our Military

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I had speculated that suicide voting for Hillary over McCain, or suicide non-voting (which is marginally better than adding to the Dem’s tally) because of McCain would be backstabbing the military who have sacrificed for years in Iraq fighting the war on terror. Well today that speculation was confirmed on Laura Ingraham’s radio show. The […]

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Feb 08 2008

Divided Dems Heading For Crack-Up

Now that the GOP side of the Presidential election is decided (and we can ignore that race for a long while) the Democrat side of the equation is heading into a disaster – a split party. I seriously doubt either of the two junior senators will take a VP slot under the other, and there […]

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