Feb 06 2008

Clinton’s Faltering Campaign On Fumes

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It seems Hillary Clinton is out of gas. As Obama is on track to continue to swamp Clinton in campaign donations Hillary has had to loan herself $5M to keep her campaign afloat to next week’s round of devastating primaries and caucuses:

Senator Hillary Clinton confirmed at a press conference in Virginia this afternoon that she’d loaned her campaign $5 million, and said, “The results last night proved the wisdom of my investment..”

Hillary is not going to do well in the next week’s races. And as she slides so does her financial support, which is running a measly 3rd of Obama’s cash inflows. I really don’t want to see Obama head the democrat ticket next year, but I did not want to see McCain head the GOP ticket either. It seems the American people have decided to stay out of the partisan fringes and buck both parties’ establishment candidates. Which means it will be a tough fight against an energized left which is swamping the GOP in turnout.

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4 Responses to “Clinton’s Faltering Campaign On Fumes”

  1. kathie says:

    Hill and Bill are not going to give up easily………just wait until they try to beat the first black American by brining in the votes that were not suppose to be counted.

  2. dave m says:

    I don’t know why you seem to prefer Barack (or as I like
    to call him Barack Hussein) by saying at least he is not the
    “establishment” candidate like Hillary. I wouldn’t vote for
    either of them but I fear Barack Hussein more.
    At least Hillary would let our military fight if it comes to that,
    and I do believe it will, whereas Barack Hussein would probably
    do nothing. No one knows anything about him.
    Barack Hussein is some sort of charismatic figure, a demagogue,
    or a guru, standing there, saying absolutely nothing at all,
    and people are just ecstatic in his presence.
    This is seriously deranged. Other charismatic leaders I can
    think of turned out rather badly.
    I don’t think people are inviting the presence of Barack to fill
    their life space because they reject the political establishment,
    or want “free” health care, or because they have thought about
    the war or immigration. They are turning to him for reasons
    they do not know. I fear they will wake up rather badly.

  3. Terrye says:

    I would not count her out yet, but she is in trouble. But you know what? I would not be surprised to see Obama and Hillary on the same ticket.

  4. AJStrata says:

    Dave M,

    You seem to be uninformed about how parties work. Presidents and former Presidents and Senators are the top leaders of the parties. They are the establishment. The Clinton machine is one of the strongest political operations to take over DC in decades.

    They are the establishment – it has nothing to do with preferring Barrack (which I don’t). My analysis is neutral and doesn’t let preferences or biases determine the outcome.