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Feb 10 2008

al-Qaeda On Last Legs In Iraq According To AQ Documents

Even al-Qaeda is finally admitting what the US SurrenderMedia and Surrendercrats (a.k.a, Democrats) cannot admit: al-Qaeda is on its last legs in Iraq and our victory is getting closer by the day. In the words of our enemies: Al-Qaeda in Iraq faces an “extraordinary crisis”. Last year’s mass defection of ordinary Sunnis from al-Qaeda to […]

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Feb 10 2008

Pakistanis “Awaken” And Turn On Al-Qaeda & Taliban

We saw the same pattern in Iraq. Initial reports of a resurgent al-Qaeda turned over time to reports of locals rising up against al-Qaeda. In Iraq it was initiated through a movement now called the Anbar Awakening. And as I posted yesterday there are signs all over the place the same pattern is occurring in […]

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Feb 10 2008

The End Of Hyper-Partisanship

Some folks are starting to finally awaken to the theme of this election cycle – and it is to stay out of the partisan fringes. One Washington Post article notes clear and unambiguous poll data highlighting the trend: n fact, there’s a simple reason why the chattering classes have so consistently called this election wrong. […]

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Feb 10 2008

Brit Hume’s Message To “True” Conservatives: Give McCain Space To Operate

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McCain and Huckabee basically tied the LA and WA races, and Huckabee got a huge win in KS. So it seems the “true” conservatives are still in the ‘any one but McCain’ mood if you look at the numbers. Which is why I liked what Brit Hume said this morning on the Fox News Sunday […]

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Feb 10 2008

Divided Dems Heading For Crack-Up III

Obama’s stunning wins over Hillary Saturday were impressive in vote margin, but marginal in terms of how little he was able to gain: While Mr. Obama had been expected to win the contests on Saturday, the margin of victories were surprising, particularly in Washington, a predominately white state where he captured 57 percent of the […]

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