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Feb 19 2008

Live Blogging WI Primary – It’s A Dem Battle In Wisconsin! Obama/McCain

7:30 PM Eastern: I am going to be ignoring the GOP race since it looks like a cake-walk for McCain today. I will be interested in seeing his margin in the vote and delegates, but that is of distant secondary interest. What I’m fascinated to see how Hillary does in WI. It seems some exit […]

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Feb 19 2008

Details Of US Strike On al-Qaeda In Pakistan

Would a Surrendercrat be so bold as to attack Bin Laden’s thugs hiding out in Pakistan as we did last January? In the predawn hours of Jan. 29, a CIA Predator aircraft flew in a slow arc above the Pakistani town of Mir Ali. The drone’s operator, relying on information secretly passed to the CIA […]

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Feb 19 2008

Obama Peaked Too Early

Obama’s spell is wearing off and fast. His Sesame Street view of the world is starting to sound pretty silly. At one point I was willing to listen to his plans to heal America – but he has no plans but only syrupy platitudes best suited for a children’s TV show. That is why I […]

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Feb 19 2008

Prelude To Terrorist Attack?

Coincidental events are showing up on my radar that could be a bad sign – one can connect these dots and see a pattern that is more than a little disturbing. The big event of the last few months was the assassination of a Hezbollah terrorists who is only second to Bin Laden in the […]

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Feb 19 2008

Surrendercrat Pretzel Logic For Suicide

What is it about Democrats and their lunatic spin? They make up such bizarre propaganda that you wonder if they are really bad liars or just really dumb. Take the latest ‘logic’ that we don’t need to keep our eyes on our enemies overseas today because the Dems want to placate their trial lawyer money […]

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Feb 19 2008

Updates From Iraq

It seems that al-Qaeda’s penchant for brutality continues even though it supposedly promised to stop targeting Iraqi Muslims in order to regain some standing in the Iraq Muslims community: A couple and their son as well as a woman neighbour taking part in the fight against Al-Qaeda have been killed by gunmen near the restive […]

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Feb 19 2008

About That Nuclear Plant In Syria

Some news broke yesterday that did not seem to cause the ripple of concern it should have. It follows the news that the assassinated Hezbollah terrorist was in meetings with Syrian, Iranian and Islamic Jihad representatives to plan for attacks on neighboring Arab countries – one of which could easily be Iraq and US forces […]

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