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Feb 11 2008

Is Bin Laden Dead?

Time again for another round of “Is Bin Laden Dead”? U.S. intelligence agencies are beginning to suspect that Al Qaida leader Osama Bin Laden is dead after all, despite a recent audio tape exhorting Al Qaida terrorists in Iraq. … The new analysis of Bin Laden follows the death of No. 3 Al Qaida leader […]

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Feb 11 2008

al-Qaeda Fleeing Iraq

Another day another clear indication that al-Qaeda is near defeat. In a previous post it was clear money and recruits were drying up for al-Qaeda as Iraqi Muslims turned on them to hunt them down and rid Iraq of Bin Laden’s thugs. And as the operational area for al-Qaeda shrinks and is surrounded by US […]

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Feb 11 2008

Huckabee’s Boomlet Is Over, Can Conservatives Lose Gracefully?

Want to know who will win the VA, MD and DC GOP primaries handily? It won’t be Huckabee, it will be McCain. The polls show McCain romping in these states who will vote tomorrow see (RCP polls for VA and MD). So when Huckabee is blown out of the South in VA will the delusional […]

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Feb 11 2008

Divided Dems Heading For Crack-Up IV

The Democrat’s potential crack-up at their convention is real and has a lot of people concerned. Here is a brief round up of the dire situation facing a fading Clinton effort, who will do anything to hold onto power. First up, liberal loose cannon Frank Rich goes after the Clintons and some of their more […]

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Feb 11 2008

Another Taliban Leader Captured In Pakistan

It would seem the Taliban sanctuaries in Pakistan are not all that secure, indicated by how another, newly-minted Taliban has been captured: Pakistani security forces wounded and captured a prominent Taliban commander on Monday near the border area with Afghanistan, Interior Minister Hamid Nawaz said. Mullah Mansour Dadullah took over as commander of Taliban forces […]

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