Jun 01 2007

Immigration Hypochondriacs Killing GOP

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In a follow up to my post about how Noonan, and the others tyrannical right (and I mean that because if we other conservatives want something in an immigration Bill the far right does what it can so no one get’s anything but what they themselves want), we now have the far right killing off the party by withholding donations – which does nothing but help liberals get elected.

You heard yesterday that the RNC canned its in-house phone bank employees, partly due to an estimated 40% drop in small donations. Whoever they outsourced the job to is not gonna get those numbers back up.

I happened to be at my friend Emily Dunham’s house when the RNC called to see “at what level she was comfortable renewing her contribution.” It went a little something like this.

Ring, Ring

Emily: “Hello?’

Caller: “Hi, ma’am, this is the Republican National Committee calling.”

Emily (aside to me, with a big grin on her face): “It’s the RNC.”

Caller: “We’re just calling to see at what level you’d be comfortable renewing your contribution. Would $75 be all right?”

Emily: “How about nothing?”

Caller: “Oh, why’s that?”

Emily: “I’m not real happy with the immigration bill.”

We all KNOW liberals want to surrender to al Qaeda as soon as possible and dismantle the NSA surveillance program which monitors calls by known terrorists OUTSIDE this country to people inside the country. We all know this. And yet the tyrannical right is deliberately undermining our efforts in a hissy fit of paranoia at any progress whatsoever on immigration.

As I pointed out before the security enhancements, the ability to deport any immigrant (legal or illegal) for committing a crime (not for being illegal which takes time and too much process) and the ability to provide a tamper proof ID which employers must verify are ALL going to be defeated if the far right get has its way. I doubt it will. But when I said the far right better NOT blackmail this country with our security over this issue I was serious. Either lose gracefully or forget any coalitions in the future – just leave the party. Please. The far right is into punishing everyone who disagrees with them. Immigrant workers, conservatives, everyone. Take your marbles and go home.

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  1. MerlinOS2 says:


    Simple direct question.

    Have you read the draft bill?

  2. MerlinOS2 says:

    Terrye said

    Nazi style cattle cars? Oh come on. Time and again I hear people say load em up and ship em out. I am just saying that if we did that it would like the Nazis in those old film clips, imagine how people would react. I never said that you personally want to do that.

    Lady please find me one here who has suggested that at all.

    Now that we have got beyond that please answer the specific points of the bill that have been addressed by many here in these threads.

    Please pick and answer at least one specific question, your choice.

  3. MerlinOS2 says:


    I have been raised for most of my life in Florida where for many years there was the saying that will the last citizen leaving Miami please bring the flag with them.

    Check the demographics there.

    We have gone from Jeb Bush to “Sorry Charlie”. The best we can hope for is that he doesn’t break anything really important in the china shop.

    Last weekend we had 3 MS13 related gang murders here and they are not the first.

  4. MerlinOS2 says:

    Terrye said

    I read in the WSJ that immigrants will pay more in social security taxes than they will collect. Is this true? I don’t know, but I know that not all these people are bad. That does not make me a bleeding heart. That is just common sense.

    Cato addressed that very well but now lets examine another aspect.

    Many illegals have paid into social security under false ID and then have left to return home.

    At first blush this is great, they supported the system and won’t take anything out.

    Sounds good. Until you realize the OTHER impact.

    John Doe who had all those statements mailed to him over the years saying that he was going to get x dollars a year retirement check was based on a lie of the inflated income Jose was adding to the pot.

    Social security was sending no match letters to Jose’s employers all along and when John Doe retires they will pay him only on his pay and his retirement planning numbers go out the window.

    Oh an social security was sending all those “no match” notices to the employers of Jose, but they never ever sent a letter to John Doe saying something like guess what someone is no matching your number and we think you should know that.

  5. MerlinOS2 says:


    The five points are all in the bill, but the problem is they are all OPTIONAL not REQUIRED..

    That is the weak point of this bill. Please read it and see for yourself.

  6. MerlinOS2 says:

    Sure if you believe now automagically enforcement will suddenly appear, Holiday Inn will have their books scrubbed to show they are walking the walk, but what about that flea bag hotel Walild from Pakistan in running over on the poor side of town.

    If anyone believes this bill will stop under the table workers you really need to put down those adult beverages and read the bill.

  7. ivehadit says:

    MerlinOS, I lived in Miami almost 4 years (C.G.). I am sorry to hear about that gang. Not good. Where were the murders, if I may ask?

  8. For Enforcement says:

    The current bill does two things. it takes the 12-20 million here now and gives them legal status IF they did not commit any crime, IF they pay back taxes and a fine. Otherwise they are deported.That will allow us to deport the criminals and deal with the hard workers here.

    Not true. Even MS 13 members get legal status

    In fact, this bill takes deportation off the table. This fact has been quoted verbatim from the bill many times.
    but here it is again:

    (C) May not be detained for immigration purposes, be determined inadmissable or deportable, or removed pending final adjudication, etc

  9. For Enforcement says:


    There are things in the bill I do support and I think it is better than the status quo.

    For example?

  10. And yet the tyrannical right is deliberately undermining our efforts in a hissy fit of paranoia at any progress whatsoever on immigration.

    Odd I thought it was the Republican elite who are intent on throwing away control of the Senate and House as well as the Whitehouse. After all if a good portion of your base if not the majority are literally screaming at you to slow the heck down its not a good idea to call them bigots, racists, unpatriotic and the rest of that nonsense. After all the Republican party is supposed to reflect us…not us them.

    At the very basement level it is a terrible idea to codify lawbreaking as a legitimate way to get ahead. If you don’t understand why AJ then I recommend you read Bill Whittle’s latest piece. Right and Wrong and how we treat those who choose to ignore right and wrong are exactly what make this country what it is.

    President Bush does not understand right and wrong…he does not understand that laws matter and that they need to be followed. He needs to read Bill Whittle’s piece as well but truthfully I don’t think he has the ability to understand.

  11. peterschaeffer says:

    A few notes

    “I guess for the umpteenth time we have to remind the immigration hypochondriacs that the 9-11 attackers WERE HERE LEGALLY!!!”

    Wrong – Five of the 19 were illegal aliens, including the ringleader Mohammed Atta. Enforcing out immigration laws would have probably stopped 9-11. However, the deeper point is that all 19 were ineligible for visas to come to the United States under existing law. Why did they get visa? Because Bush will not enforce our immigration laws under any circumstances.

    “The immigration issue has created a fissure because the far right, who have a lot of what they want in the Bush bill”

    Wrong – Rasmussen polling has show that the vast majority of Americans oppose the Senate bill, not just the far right. Why? Because the demand border security and they believe that this bill won’t provide it.

    Wrong – There is virtually nothing of substance in this bill for the large majority of Americans who want real immigration reform. “Boob bait for bubba” is what the supposed reforms amount to. But don’t worry, the Amnesty is instant and brutally real.

    “This bill finally makes deportation a punishment for committing violent crimes, including DUI’s. Right now you cannot deport someone for the commission of a violent crime. You can only deport them for being here illegally.”

    Wrong – Legal aliens have been deportable for serious crimes for decades. Illegal aliens have always been deportable. You know nothing about immigration law.

    “In fact, the hypochondriacs would let the status quo remain, with criminal immigrants staying in country, because they want more punishment on those workers who do not have a criminal background.”

    Wrong – Criminal immigrants do stay in this country in vast numbers because Bush and friends refuse to enforce out existing laws. Check out the facts. We already have the laws to deport these people. They are ignored.

    “Right now we cannot hold employers accountable to any real level because there is no repository to check if a worker is a valid immigrant worker.”

    Wrong – We already have a mechanism for detecting the use of fraudulent employment documents. It is called the Social Security “no match” system. However, Bush allows corporations to massively cheat. Some companies have a 1000 workers using the same SSN. Others are allowed to submit SSNs with all zeros. How exactly is the Amnesty bill going to change that?

    “And the best aspect of all is the guest worker program – where not a soul is eligible to become a US citizen”

    Wrong – To quote from the agricultural/immigration economist, Philip Martin, “there is nothing more permanent than a temporary worker”. They won’t go home after two years, they will simply become part of the next wave of illegal aliens.

    To be blunt you appear to know almost nothing about immigration law or how our laws are not enforced.

    You are also ignorant of the terrible impact that ordinary illegal aliens (the ones who are not terrorists and violent criminals) are having on our country.

    The Senate bill rewards law-breakers and does nothing to improve actually border security. Don’t believe me? Read it. I have. If the sponsors actually thought that this bill would stop illegal immigration, then the Amnesty would come last and the border security first. However, they know that the only provision that will ever have any effect is the Amnesty which is why the Amnesty is immediate and the rest is a fiction.

    Don’t kid yourself and don’t try to fool the American people. This is an Amnesty First, and Amnesty Only bill. Don’t believe me? Read the first sentence of the bill.

  12. For Enforcement says:

    peterschaeffer,, excellent comment ….you are absolutely 100% correct.