Dec 23 2006

Al Qaeda Offer Dems Terms Of Our Surrender

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Al Qaeda is impatient for the Democrats to make good on their election year promises (yes, Al Qaeda is that naive as to believe a US politician in DC). In fact, they have now offered up terms for our safe surrender of Iraq to Bin Laden so that the Democrats know for sure that they can surrender safely (if not at a high price):

The leader of an al-Qaeda-backed group offered US forces safe withdrawal from Iraq within a month if they left their heavy weapons behind, according to an audiotape posted on the internet.

I am awaiting the response of Leaders Pelois and Reid, and the master of surrender himself, Murtha. A little more information on the offer here.

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27 Responses to “Al Qaeda Offer Dems Terms Of Our Surrender”

  1. erp says:

    Our host provides us with news and commentary, and gives us a wonderful forum to add our bits and pieces. Ken and the other trolls provide an amusing change of pace from informed and reasoned discourse.

    I think he’s a lot of fun, but if the consensus is to ignore him, I’m cool with that too.

  2. Dio says:

    Try reading this entire article:

    without thinking about this al Qaeda offer of holding off as
    we try to get out of there.

    When Bush attacks Iran we may not be able to get out and
    take our big stuff with us.

    This offer is just a tormenting slap in the face.

  3. Ken says:

    Ignoring me is ,broadly, tantamount to ignoring
    America’s ignominius catastrophe in Iraq. You don’t really want to be an ostrich to the ongoing Vietnam-like debacle do you?

  4. Ken says:

    For Enforcement of senility:
    “You used the term Jew Hater very recently.”
    No, you used it, I threw it back atcha’…
    and one does not consult for
    thorough definitions of ANY political ideology.
    Course the senile prefer the Cliff Notes method.

  5. For Enforcement says:


  6. Ken says:

    You’re spread too thin, FE. Your cynicism about stopping the Hispanic invasion should be spread to “winning” the Iraq War.

  7. Ken says:

    Have to modify this–on another post, FE said the US had already won in Iraq then quickly said it is fighting with one hand behind its back in Iraq. FE has to get rid of his confused Vietnam flashbacks before obtaining a proper cynicism about the war like that he possesses on immigration.