Dec 15 2006

More Litvinenko News

I missed this Raw Story articles by Larisa Alexandrovna on Litvinenko’s contacts with the security firm where radiation was found:

Alexander Litvinenko, the ex-FBS officer who was recently murdered in London, was working for a British security firm at the time of his death, two well placed British sources who wish to remain unidentified tell RAW STORY.

One of the 12 to 24 polonium contamination sites in the Piccadilly area of London identified by British authorities was the office of the security and risk management company Erinys International Ltd.

These sources further explained that the reason Litvinenko was meeting at Erinys’ offices around the time of his contamination was to broker a deal of some sort with a Russian security startup being created by two former FSB agents, Andrei Lugovoi and his business partner Dmitry Kovtun.

According to the two British sources, Litvinenko was making introductions between Lugovoi and someone at Erinys. But there are additional allegations that Litvinenko had agreed to meet with the twosome to get information on Politkovskaya’s death that one of the former Russian FSB officers claimed to have had.

Larisa (whom I have had the pleasure to exchange emails on this matter) is firmly in the assassination camp. But this is great reporting which could support either scenario. I am going to digest this a bit before commenting more. I found the link (which is probably in my well backed up email in box right now) in this round up post, also a worthehile read.

One thing I would like Larisa to consider is the idea that as Anna Politkovskaya was investigating the 1999 apartment bombings that some thought Putin ordered she may have been stumbling onto high placed people in Russia who were secretly aligned with Berezvosky and sympathetic with the Chechen cause. In her zeal to prove the Bererzovsky’s and Litvinenko’s right, she may have been about to find out they were not only wrong, but complicit with the bombings. That could explain why the reporter was killed. Just presenting something to think about which is all speculation, but plausible.

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  2. Rosenkreutz says:

    BBC is now carrying this story too.

    “Former Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko was murdered because of information he held on a powerful Kremlin figure, an ex-business associate has said.

    Ex-spy Yuri Shvets said Mr Litvinenko was commissioned by a reputable UK firm to provide information on Russia.

    Mr Litvinenko was poisoned after his dossier containing damaging details was deliberately leaked to the high-ranking Moscow figure, Mr Shvets told the BBC…

    Mr Litvinenko was convinced that he was poisoned when he met three Russians at the Millennium Hotel in London.

    Mr Shvets said: “He drank a tea which was not made in front of him. He was agonised by the understanding that as a professional he failed…

    Mr Shvets, who has been interviewed by senior Scotland Yard officers, said British detectives investigating the death now have the dossier compiled by Mr Litvinenko.”
    It will be interesting to see the contents of this dossier…