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Oct 26 2006

Foley Blog, HRC and Trandahl

Folks, I am absolutely wiped out and heading to an early bedtime – but I will point out some interesting news on the Mark Foley email front, which I hope to expand on tomorrow. Clarice Feldman has posted at AT that the mystery blog which posted the mock ups of the emails that launched the […]

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Oct 26 2006

Democrat Plans For Marriage

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Some New Jersey judges may have done the country a favor and remind everyone what the Democrats have in mind for this country. Beyond surrendering Iraq to Al Qaeda, providing real amnesty to illegal aliens (to me, paying back taxes is a serious and deserving punishment for illegal entry and work – I dare anyone […]

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Oct 26 2006

Media Credibility An Oxymoron

Jed Babbin is pondering what will be the effect on the media and political message-movers of the Democrat wave fails to appear. While I agree the 527 groups will see their funding dry up since they will have been (accurately) deemed failures, his contention that the anitque media will recover is completely wrong. The trend […]

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