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Oct 01 2006

Did CREW Leave A Predator Free For Partisan Gain?

OK, now the Foley scandal widens yet again. First off, Foley has all the signs of a sexual predator of children and he should have been investigated day one. Quietly, but investigated. Second, the lack of action by the House leadership was negligent. I understand wanting to trust your comrades while all of you are […]

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Oct 01 2006

Sick Politicians

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I am trying to find out what party this Charleston Council member belongs to who said people should be neutered like dogs for not raising their kids correctly: What we’ve got is a failure in society, whether it’s in Mount Pleasant with yuppie parents or whether it’s on the East Side with poor crackhead parents,” […]

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Oct 01 2006

Woodward’s Democrat Propaganda

Bob Woodward is definitely on an anti-Bush, pro-Democrat tear. His facts do not support his wild claims. I saw one such fact, a memorandum from the military on Iraq,that said the insurgents had the resources to maintain or expand their efforts through 2007. Somehow this was twisted to say Bush is lying when he said […]

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Oct 01 2006

The Republicans Are In Trouble In The House

The Reps are in trouble in the House and it has nothing to do with the overblown Woodward book (geez, you me to tell us everyone doesn’t agree on everything in the Federal government Bob? Whodathunkit) or with the Iraq war. It has to do with the loss of honor for the Congress that is […]

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