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Oct 03 2006

W Brands Democrats As Soft On Terrorists

The Democrats walked themselves right into this election year’s most potent and important issue: defending America against terrorist attacks. Their BDS short sighted the Dems into opposing all things Bush – whether they made sense or not. And this is their just desserts for not having more self control and using their brains instead of […]

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Oct 03 2006

Mike Rogers Predicted Foley Smear March 2005

I had not gone back far enough in my review of Mike Rogers’ website archives it seems. Reader SBD went back a few months more to February 2005 and found Mike Rogers predicting the events of this week. A source has confirmed with that Foley lives a practically an out life at his Florida […]

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Oct 03 2006

Media Covered Up Evidence Of Child Abuse Crimes

While the quivering right demands Hastert’s resignation (wrongly) the real news is being under reported and missed. And that is that Brian Ross of ABC News now says he knew of the possible crimes against children as far back as August of last year and did nothing. Brian Ross of ABC News said he learned […]

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Oct 03 2006

Why Go After Hastert Now?

OK, I was one of the first to see warning signs inthe Foley debacle because it seemed there were missed warning signs early on. But as information has come out, it seems the warning signs were not very clear and there were reasonable conditions (if Foley is gay and it was widely known) for Hastert […]

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