Oct 26 2006

Democrat Plans For Marriage

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Some New Jersey judges may have done the country a favor and remind everyone what the Democrats have in mind for this country. Beyond surrendering Iraq to Al Qaeda, providing real amnesty to illegal aliens (to me, paying back taxes is a serious and deserving punishment for illegal entry and work – I dare anyone to try and pay twice their annual taxes in any year and still keep financially afloat), raising taxes across the board, etc… the dems plan to take the concept of marriage and family and reduce it to something having to do with long term sexual partners. Picture those artists renditions of families around the Christmas tree being replaced with same sex fun with mistle-toe around the tree.

I am not against same sex unions or gays at all. But long term partners is not the same thing as having and raising kids, which was the commitment that the marriage contract was originally meant to represent. The entire concept of providing special tax rates and benefits was done not to applaud having sex with the same person over many years, they were put in place to help support the families with kids who bear the burden of raising the next generation of great Americans. The fact that people who live together think they deserve access to these benefits we as a nation set up for those raising kids is telling.

This issue is tough and emotional and rife with over reaction. But the gays do deserve basic rights like visitation in hospitals, etc. So instead of fighting to steal the image of the family and marriage, they should be focused on getting the respect everyone is due through same sex union laws. Either way, the fact another unelected judge or two have imposed their views on this nation is going to get a lot of conservatives into the voting booth as we figure out what the Democrat plan is for American marriages. They plan to replace it with something totally different.

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