Oct 26 2006

Foley Blog, HRC and Trandahl

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Folks, I am absolutely wiped out and heading to an early bedtime – but I will point out some interesting news on the Mark Foley email front, which I hope to expand on tomorrow. Clarice Feldman has posted at AT that the mystery blog which posted the mock ups of the emails that launched the Foley discussions with the House leadership last fall (the emails were leaked sometime between Oct 17 and Nov 30, 2005, and CREW and ABC had the actual, partially redacted originals in May and August of this year) was associated with someone at Human Right Campaign (HRC). Yep, the blog and HRC are now formally connected. I don’t have the energy to dig up my earlier post on this, but Jeff Trandahl, House Clerk and one of two gay staffers who knew for a long time about Foley – and had access to the redacted emails that ended up in the hands of Democrat operatives – was a leader of HRC. Jeff Trandahl left his House Clerk position right around the time the emails where leaked to the Democrats, who not only shopped them to the media, but passed them around to Democrat donors. The emails also ended up in the hands of Foley’s Democrat challenger’s campaign in the early spring (my guess is this is the April timeframe the FBI claims CREW knew about the emails). So we now have a direct connection from Trandahl, to the time frame of the leak, to the site that first posted the emails – and that link is HRC.

Good work Clarice. The blogosphere should be able to close this mystery quite soon. Trandahl and Fordham seemed to have both tired of covering for Foley (both being gay and not wanting the stigma of child predator to stick to them) and may have done something very stupid – like try to get Foley away from Pages by giving the scandalous information to the Democrats and his opponent. It would be an interesting way of removing Foley from access to the Pages since Trandahl and Fordham had bothed moved on to positions where they could no longer control him. And the media played the useful idiots – as usual.

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  1. Carol_Herman says:

    Some things are not so easy to explain.

    In Othello, Shakespeare didn’t even try. When Iago is asked by Othello, “why,” the answer is a shrug. And, something on the order of “because I can.”

    Given how outrageous college campuses are, having divested themselves of Western Civilization, they adopted the black rhetoric of tossing out “dead white males.” If you look at top universities, you see this insanity. And, the HOW is explainable: The commie professors GAVE UP as soon as the black students made their demands.

    It was a soft life, for the commie professors. They didn’t have to do research. Instead, they closed the books on the tough stuff. And, substituted a lot of bullshit. Including the lesbian clap trap of rape. And, how “traditional Western education forstered this. (The opposite was really true.)

    There was once a freedom to think. And, the highest values were placed on freedom.

    Today? Dogma. But what it’s done is skewed outcomes. It gives away credentials. But other than working in academia, what can you do with this crap? Even funnier was the turn over, giving professors of certain color and genetalia really huge salaries … and bonuses … for coming on board the “diversity track.” And, as terrible as it was; universities vied for the few extremists. So the price tags went up!

    And, students? Schooling is expensive now. Customers get A’s. There’s really no testing that’s gonna improve on bullshit.

    So when you ask “how did the donks” make the mistake of going after Foley, all you can say is that there are professional people, earning high salaries; but the work they do is not the typical stuff that would bring rewards. (In other words? In the conventional sense management had to earn bonuses. That stopped with companies that started just giving everything away. Till they died. The companies that is. So the fake stuff has a way of coming full circle.)

    But the donks didn’t have anything else.

    And, they did have INTERNALS. In other words, stuff that’s NOT reported. But where they saw Bush was not going to lose Congress, automatically. Because ALL presidents, since Calvin Coolidge become lame ducks.

    Bush ha played a very tight hand. He knows the media was out gunning for him. And, he even has men on his team who were there when Nixon (after winning a landslide victory), was taken out.

    Sure. Before the Internet. And, at a time lots of Amerians believed what they heard on TV. Going after Nixon looked very dramatic.

    This time around? Woodward’s book bombed. It bombed in his lap. The toss went nowhere.

    Bush became a master of dealing with enemies in the press! He does it by an established technique where he is misunderestmated.

    Not only that, the MSM and the donks, have also underestimated the real anger NOW that’s out there! Maybe, you ca force students to regurgitate crap while they sit in classrooms? Doesn’t mean you’ve made them happy campers. Doesn’t mean they’ll do more than fart in your general direction, as soon as you hand them their credential.

    And, it’s not just Foley. Today, McGreevey, who is still married, piped up that as soon as New Jersey law allows it he wants to marry his live-in boyfriend, Mark. While he’s still married to his 2nd wife. And, his kids there are still so young!

    Outrageous? You didn’t know this was the undercurrent?

    I don’t think gays feel the stigma because it’s a religious experience. I think they are utterly confused. And, many are attracted to promiscuous coupling. (Which is why a man like McGreevey marries in the first place.)

    And, that was always the threat about gays in the military. They’d be subject to blackmail! And, that’s an old fear, going back ages. Wasn’t invented in recent time.

    Trendahl? Well was he blackmailed? Did he turn around and blackmail either Kirk Fordham or even FOLEY?

    Did you notice how fast Foley left Congress? Did Denny Hastert tell him if he didn’t resign, he could kiss his PENSION goodbye? (You’d risk a 12 year pension? Retirement looked great. His money will remain almost the samel. And, he’ll keep geting excellent health care.)

    While there’s a Drudge article, today, showing Webb (in his race against George Allen), wrote a fictional novel. And, he added a weird sex scene, well into 300 pages of the book. Where a young boy runs towards his dad. The kid’s naked. The dad up-ends his kid and sticks the child’s penis in his mouth.

    Maybe, in ages long ago, a person could write such erotic stuff; and who would know? The Internet has the story. Drudge is headlining it.

    And, IF there are still conservatives dead set against voting on November 7th; I don’t think their numbers are as high as the democraps had been hoping for.

    In other words the story flew because some genius (who probably throws around the term RACIST willy-nilly) hasn’t discovered that the whole cock and bull apparatus conked out.

    And, the republicans didn’t have to do anything at all! Fighting this stuff doesn’t even cost money. While Karl Rove still has enough money that there’s no need to relax the reins.

    I’m guessing, by the way, that come November 8th, the hue and cry from the bozos will be that the “election got stolen!” They weren’t delusional enough in 2004. They’ll decide there’s nothing else to serve, anyway. Until some of the midgets get flipped out.

    WHen FDR came into the Presidency in 1932, things were a shambles. Right away he used the power of the presidency to turn things around!

    He was also smart enough not to be taken to the cleaners by Winston Churchill. Who was looking to create an alliance, between America and Britian, that would put us back inside their empire, again.

    So, sometimes, it’s the behind the scenes stuff in politics that counts for the most points.

    While when it comes to actors? All that counts happens on stage.

    Reagan gets so much credit for stage craft.

    But considering how hostile the press, Bush has been marvelous! He doesn’t miss a beat. And, he holds the ship of state as steady as one man can. (Don’t forget. It’s politics. And, all one person can do “is the possible.” If you want miracles, pray to the man Upstairs.)

  2. clarice says:

    Radar says the HRC staffer is Lane Hudson. We have a lot on him at JOM. He worked for Fritz Hollings earlier and worked for a while at Episcopal High School in the development office. (Lots more at JOM).

  3. Christoph says:

    If they had just gone to the police and/or media themselves and said, “Hey, this is what we suspect and this is what we know for sure,” I for one would not have disrespected them. Quite the opposite.

    Leaking it to the opposition party, rather than just going forward yourself publicly or, worse comes to worse, anonymously … is bizarre.

  4. clarice says:

    I don’t think they did that. I suspect they may have discussed the LA expages email complaint with former staffers because so many of their records were lost during Katrina or were indiscrete. I still am not sold on a deliberate leak out of “concern” or for any other reason.

  5. For Enforcement says:

    He was also smart enough not to be taken to the cleaners by Winston Churchill.

    Actually FDR betrayed Churchill, and in so doing it allowed the Soviets to have Eastern Europe. (As I said before, if he had made Patton the Supreme Commander, that wouldn’t have happened.
    Had Japan not bombed the US, it is very unlikely the US would have even entered the war and the Brits would probably still be talking German(Unless the Soviets had still whipped them, then they would still be speaking Russian)
    All I’m saying is, don’t chalk FDR up as a hero yet.

  6. Retired Spook says:

    I’m guessing, by the way, that come November 8th, the hue and cry from the bozos will be that the “election got stolen!”

    No need to guess, Carol. I’d bet on it.

  7. HaroldHutchison says:

    There’s some screwy HTML…

    HRC has apparently fired the staffer in question.

  8. the good doctor says:

    How long has the SSP blog has tied to the HRC? Can anyone tie Hudson to the DNC?