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Oct 14 2006

Reminder To The Voters: Democrat Senate Took On Iraq

Someone posted an interesting reminder for America to ponder this year. And that is the Iraq war was authorized under the auspices of a Democrat controlled Congress. The Democrat party was leading all the committees and held the gavel, and are the ones who actually authorized the Iraqi invasion. In a major victory for the […]

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Oct 14 2006

Speaking Of Foley, If His Staff Did Not Know…?

The media frenzy over Foley has created the worst case of herd mentality I have ever seen in the liberal media. The analogy to cows just followin the tail in front of them is apt in this case, because the media has lost all perspective. For example, if Foley’s staff was unaware of Foley’s acts […]

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Oct 14 2006

More Important Issues At Stake

I hope the Foley mess either blows up on those Democrats who had the leaked emails and shopped them to the news media and democrat donors, or the news dies away so we can focus on truly important issues. Number one issue is will we have the right to protect ourselves from attack. Every conservative […]

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