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Oct 31 2006

Kerry The Scumbag

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John Kerry – and the Democrats who made him their standard bearer – is scum. Pure, unadulterated and unapologetic scum. John Kerry said things yesterday that are pure hate and bile. He stated that only educated people would know better than to defend and die for this nation. He is not going to fool anyone […]

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Oct 31 2006

More On The Steele Earthquake In MD

I don’t think the Democrats appreciate the damn that just broke on them in MD. While everyone is focused on Foley and Iraq, the Democrats’ most stalwart base just defected. And this will not be a one time, one place phenomena. The democrats have always been all talk. And now the black voter is tired […]

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Oct 31 2006

Is The GOP GOTV Machine Working?

Seems so. Let’s combine some recent stories here to get some perspective. First, the news out today is that the GOP is seeing a good indicators from early and absentee voting. It seems they are on track to get a lot of voters out, exceeding the 2004 mark (a presidential election year) – which would […]

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