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Oct 24 2006

As Rush Predicted, Liberal Media Defends Fox Ad

The liberal media do exist and they tip their hands when someone pushes the right button (no pun intended). The last two days Rush Limbaugh was tearing into the tissue of lies that are the Michael Fox ad, and noted Fox himself admits to stopping his medication when trying to generate public sympathy for Parkinson’s […]

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Oct 24 2006

Dems Bash Candidate For Risking Life On Battlefield

The liberal democrats who are the core of the Democrat party are truly a strange breed. How else does one respond to a press release which claims a Republican candidate’s service on the battle fields of Iraq is not serving is constituents or his nation? Arizona Republican State Representative Jonathan Paton was deployed with his […]

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Oct 24 2006

Bush Kept His Powder Dry, And Now He Uses It

President George Bush is on a royal tear hammering the Democrats and mocking them senseless. He is sounding more like Clinton with his sharp tongue and biting wit to paint a party that is basically a joke. The Special Report snippets of his speech today was just amazing. He established the difference between Reps and […]

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Oct 24 2006

The Truth In Missouri Comes Out Against Fox Ad

Some very famous people are prominent in the response ad the Michael J Fox. The difference in this ad is it doesn’t make any wild scientific claims or promises, but does reflect facts. Like the fact poor women will be seduced into selling their eggs so scientists can create a child of theirs with some […]

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Oct 24 2006

Dead Child, Just Trash

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This is what happens when people are told lies and misinformation about when life begins and what is a human being – dead babies as trash. Science is ABSOLUTELY clear on when a human individual is created. It is at conception when the egg and sperm combine their traits to create the one and only […]

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Oct 24 2006

Fedora Exposes Senate Democrat KGB Spy?

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The recent book that tells the tale of Ted Kennedy trying to assist the USSR in defeating Reagan has brought out a lot of questions about the patriotism (not to mention the oath of office to protect and defend this nation and people from sworn enemies) of the Democrats. Some research by forensic poster Fedora […]

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Oct 24 2006

Bob Casey Supports NSA Terror Surviellance Program

Powerline has an interesting give and take between Bob Casey and the editorial board of the Philadelphia Inquirer. The telling part of the exchange is first where the Inquirer illustrates their total ignorance of FISA and the NSA’s mission overseas to monitor terrorists. Here is the part that I am talking about: Casey: You know […]

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