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Oct 17 2006

Drive By Media Finally Catching Up On Foleygate

Many bloggers, including myself, were able to discern from the evidence and reporting in hand that the only people who were ‘hiding’ the Foley mess were gay staffers who were probably concerned about the terrible stereotype a gay Congressmen preying on young Pages would conjure up. But, as usual in DC, the real source was […]

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Oct 17 2006

Is It Time To Get Bin Laden?

I have been keeping my eyes on Waziristan and the other Tribal Regions of Northern Pakistan along the Afgahnistan border because that is where the remnants of the Taliban are hold up, and possibly Bin Laden and Zawahiri. Today there was a major battle on the Afghanistan side of the border which had some interesting […]

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Oct 17 2006

Liberal With The Facts On The NSA’s TSP

One thing is always a given, Liberals avoid debating any issue on the facts and always screw them up or deliberately misrepresent them. Not sure which is worse, ignorance or deciept, but it is not hard to realized this country deserves and needs neither. Case in point is the Liberal lines on the NSA’s Terrorist […]

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Oct 17 2006

Dem Kildee Admits Unwanted Attention To Pages Discussed By Board

The Democrats have a lot more explaining to do! It seems the Dem member of the Page board, Dale Kildee, has admitted there were discussions about the wrong kind of approaches to Pages by the Page board: Allegations of improper conduct toward teenage congressional assistants, which do not involve ex-Rep. Mark Foley, were discussed by […]

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