Jan 21 2007

Why The Silent Treatment?

Why are , the one that Berezovsky and his friends claim the police know? Why would the police keep secret the pictures and details of a man who was able to smuggle deadly Po-210 through London, possibly on three occassions, and kill one and nearly two others? The man was carrying material that could kill hundreds of thousands and they do not put out a picture or details to the public? Berezovsky is getting nervous – it was his PR machine that gave this ‘lead’ to the Times. He is concerned about Po-210 showing up at his pending interview with Scotland Yard and Russian investigators. I would not be surprised at all if Po-210 showed up. I wonder what the rest of the police force will be doing while Berezovsky is pre-occupied?

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  1. Carol_Herman says:

    Litvinenko is dead. Proving he was murdered is counter-intelligent. Beause he was somehow exposed, over time, to the crap he was smuggling.

    As to the “tea cup,” I think it’s more possible that Litvinenko smoked a lot. And, the “dirty cigarettes” make as good a set of cancer-sticks, as any other cancerous material.

    Plus, who says he didn’t pick his nose? And, then eat the boogers?

    For ingestion purposes, men to pick their own noses, and eat their own boogers. And, IF your fingers contained particals, wallah. Particals are more than “just airborne.”

    Besides, a group of these smugglers have been shown to be “leaking particals,” even when they sat down. Through the seats of their pants.

    The other thing I notice, came from Barbara’s post, yesterday. Where she mentioned that people from russia, who never got to taste freedom, are now free. And, living in London. And, they do not care for anyone’s health. These are MONSTERS.

    As to why they’d choose hotels, there’s an interesting facet. In russia ALL hotel rooms are wired. And, all visitors lose their privacy. (This is true in Cuba, too. And, here, I had heard a scientist, telling a group at Caltech, an “experience” from Havana, when he was sent there by the USA, on a mission. Circa 1991.) He brought with him many people. Including a beautiful scientist who worked at USC. Because he wanted Castro to “see” eye candy. Anyway, when they got to their hotel, this lady was thirsty. And, without calling room service, this man just stood at the wall of his hotel room and “announced” they’d love glasses and beverages brought in. Within five minutes, there was a knock at the door. Room service had arrived.)

    So, here you are. Watching the clues you’ve been given. And, you see that russians, here, prefer meeting not just in public places, like restaurants. But also hotel rooms. In other words? Litvinenko did NOT invite these characters to his own home.

    And, the russians KNOW that in London, just as across America, it is hardly likely we run “bugs” into rooms, and staff the CIA, or FBI, with enough staff, to just “listen in.” As a matter of fact, we can’t do this without going to a judge, and getting the prosecutors to get the judges to “allow” listening in.

    Talk about how the russians abuse us! They come from a country without religion. Just the state. And, they’re trained from the time they are very young, that everyone else is “watching.” No privacy. Not ever!

    And, they’re given the ability to flee. Where instead of embracing democracy, the russians embrace the muslems. Another group brought up to distain freedom.

    Was their mischief involved with these black marketeers? If you could speak to Poles, you’d get an earful, about the russians. And, their corrupt habits. Where they just walk across Poland “to do their dirty business.”

    But you’d think smuggling, for the most part, would involve women. And, drugs. And, the drugs wouldn’t be radioactive.

    Except for that verbal-gerbil in iran. And, now even the kinglet in Jordan. All these hyenas are lining up to own their own nukes. Not smart enough to develop this stuff; they go to the russians to “buy.”

    And, we’re told the oligarths are super rich dudes.

    What opened up the bank on this one?

    And, once Litvinenko got so sick his hair fell out; coupled to the fact he couldn’t hold down food. And, his bone marrow production was dead. What do you think coursed back into the smugglers’ nests?

    What are we going to do with the HOUSE OF SAUD, as well as the russian oligarths, when they’re not interested in stopping at all. (Unless? It would be funny if the fears of cancer now override. Because then? It wouldn’t just be the imam at the mosque, fearful of a casket.)

    Oh, I don’t think the Mossad is asleep, either.

    Because one of the other investigations in England, that upset the HOUSE OF SAUD, had to do with the tracking abilities the government got going, against the flow of money to terrorists. (Is that order for planes still on hold? Will the HOUSE OF SAUD actually go to the french, for lesser planes? Because they were trying to stop the investigations that work BEST OF ALL. Following the money.)

    Someday, it may become apparent just HOW things went wrong for the smugglers. But we haven’t OBSERVED ENOUGH. (Sherlock Holmes did nothing much except show how OBSERVATION is KEY. For instance. Hounds of the Baskerville. Murder is committed and the hounds don’t bark. Owner of the dogs was also the murderer.)

    Anytime you keep picking up clues, and all you want to do is “share” the current “thinking” you’re not doing much observing at all.

  2. AJStrata says:


    Litvinenko did not smoke or drink.

  3. Carol_Herman says:

    AJ: He was surrounded by people who did.

    And, I’d venture to guess you’d have found cigarette butts in the hotel rooms. Not just a porcelain teacup. (Porcelian is an interesting clay product. It looks delicate. But they can be “nearly indestructable.”)

    Given that the teacup could have fallen to the ground, (for some sort of accident to have happened). It didn’t shatter.

    And, I also think men pick their noses, and are quite capable of swallowing boogers.

    That would be a two-fer. For both inhalation and ingestion.

    The truth so far is hidden.

    All we know, though, is that “something was going down,” that was bad. That pulls russians with money, together with muslems who also have HUGE amounts of money.

    Then, Barbara, here, observed, how inconsiderate these russian jerks are; in that they weren’t afraid to take a teacup that would expose lots of strangers to harm. And, they did so, anyay. Extreme callousness is also present. Not quite mind boggling. But if this is our future. Where terrible people living in the Mideast and russia, all have access to our freedoms. And, can travel about without even being noticed …
    AT LEAST: “Notice” has achieved radar levels.

    Will it change things much?

    At least the oligarths are no longer flying their business(es) under the radar screen.

    To which you could also add, “men in hotel rooms,” and they are not screwing away the day.

    While nobody yet can say when the “radioactivity” purchases were set into motion. Or why. Or even “how” you’d get the italians up there, too. A lot of mischief makers, from an assorted crop of fascists. And, communists.

    Sad to see that you can expose people to freedom, and all they want to do is take advantage of the rules. How many of them are there?

    And, in the future? Will we hope we have enough guts just to kill these people, sans trials? Just adopting the enemies tactics of having “people disappear?”

    I have no answers. But lots of questions.

    I also don’t think Scotland Yard is thrilled about the fact that ordinary people are following the “clues.” Why would they be?

    When AIDS hit the radar screen, to use an example where innocent people began to die in large numbers; it took awhile for the “bath house sex,” permiscuous as it was (and probably still is) … to reach a level where people didn’t see “innocence and marriages” in this conduct.

    And, then I remember, it took a few years (someplace in the mid 1980’s), to discover that AIDS, originally turned into an epidemic because of “PATIENT ZERO.” A very permiscuous, and handsome frenchman. Who flew for a living, as a stewart. He bragged about having a phone book full of a thousand names. All contacts. And, only afterwards, did the bodies begin to pile up.

    I never believed that AIDS was ever instigated on purpose.

    But radiating people so they end up with cancers? This is the “new russian” ploy? Yes, putin is FURIOUS that russians were able to escape, wholesale, to the west. When Gorby eased restrictions. He can’t get these people back, again. But what if behind this whole mess, is a desire, on the part of putin, to curtail life in the West?

    How did the radioactive genie fly out of the bottle? Motive. I still want to know MOTIVE. And, cash flow.