Jan 21 2007

Fly By 01/21/07

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Just a heads up folks, I will be on travel next week so posting will be lighter than usual. Some interesting news out today. The NY Times faces reality on the Libby trial, where the case against Libby hinges on him saying he discussed Plame with NBC’s Tim Russert, who says they never discussed Plame. Seems it is perjury to claim you divulged Plame’s identity when in fact you did not. Who says our legal system is screwed up?

Seems the Turkish Commander of al Qaeda (so he says) was doing a bit too much self promotion and now faces 38 years in prison. Good riddance to the man either way.

Here is a must read for the day, an interview with the Taliban and some insights into their now soured views on al Qaeda. I especially liked this part:

Here in the harsh landscape of the eastern mountains near the Afghanistan-Pakistan border, nearly every family has at least one member involved with the Taliban. Occupying powers are the enemy, and anyone from outside is distrusted — even al Qaeda, whose adherents are called, pejoratively, Arabs and are considered fanatics obsessed with martyrdom.

It is always nice to oblige people and help them on the way to securing their life’s dreams. While the author portrays a romantic view of these barbarians, the interesting news is they are down to running in groups of 40 or less people. In a country that I believe numbers in the 15 million range, that is not a force that will be able to topple the Afghan government anytime soon. Maybe they should focus on their religion and building their country for their people instead of pretending they are some force to be reckoned with.

And yes, Hillary wants to be President. Yawn.

Hope everyone has a great day.

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  1. crosspatch says:


    Thought I might share this must read with you. Looks like Fenton Commincations is up to no good again and some serious bloggers have noticed this time.

  2. colanut22 says:

    Crosspatch, Interesting article. And to think I used to eat Ben & Jerry’s ice cream! Ugh.

  3. Snapple says:

    That article about Hutto is very interesting.

  4. MerlinOS2 says:


    For too many years, left side talking points have been Fenton Communications talking points. Both the politicians and the media.

    Any time they issue a cause they have clients which will gladly serve as mouthpieces for their agenda on the talking head circuit. They don’t have to look to far from the tree to find those they need.

    Review the companies history of all they have done. It shows a shameful past without remorse of any kind. They are the end justifies the means personified.

    They have been steering more of the agenda of this country than most people realize. You really need to read up on them, who supports and pays them and who they are funded by. It will be an enlightenment.

  5. Carol_Herman says:

    I think it is a mistake to polarize.

    In other words, that there’s an automatic belief that Reggie Walton, being Black, will toss the win to Fitzgerald. And, Libby doesn’t even stand a chance.

    Partially, this is based, without question, on the OJ jurors. But if you’ll notice, while the OJ jurors don’t represent “all black Americans,” they did get support for their decision from many blacks, across this country!

    That was one hell of a polarizing event!

    But to get to the OJ jurors, and how they nullified the evidence, you have to look at Marsha Clark. And, you’d see she was just innept. The OJ jurors had enough meat on which to stick their decision; because the bloodied glove DID NOT FIT. That OJ was trained to make it look difficult? SO WHAT? He was asked by the prosecution team to “put it on.” And, the Blacks across this country still remain skittish when it comes to suffering from the prejudices of others. BECAUSE IT’S REALLY OUT THERE. Blacks don’t have to be prejudiced to know they get judged “differently.”

    Yet, I’m not going to cart this attitude around with me.

    And I think Reggie Walton has good reason to watch Fitzgerald like a hawk. And, to bring his gavel down.

    Could I be wrong? Sure.

    But I’m not going to say Libby “cant win,” because that would have me jumping to conclusions. And, I’d prefer to see some proof, first.

    Martha Stewart LOST because she hired a LOUSY ATTORNEY! Her choice was to “pick someone from her country club.” She didn’t pick an experienced LITIGATOR. She picked a DOG. And, this dog did not control his client’s behaviors in the courtroom. So she showed up in designer clothes. Stuck with attitude. Yes, her judge was a black woman. No kindness was shown at all.

    But it’s MORE IMPORTANT to hire well, than to cast your lot with incompetents. And, think you’re covered, because they attend the same country club as you do.

    On the other hand, Theodore Wells is supposed to know his courtroom stuff. And, he’s no stranger to DC, either. Meaning he’s had occasions, already, to take Walton’s measure. (If this judge was a total dog, Wells would have asked for a change in venue.) That’s just basic good business sense. You don’t need law school to learn the obvious defenses.

    As to the media? Yes. This was a plot cooked up by DC elites, where they really believed they were gonna get “Karl Rove frog marched out of the White House.” Never came to pass!

    Dan Rather’s stunt also backfired.

    Beldar once spoke about O’Neill, the Swift Boat Vet who took on Kerry. And, Beldar said O’Neill was TOPS in the courtroom. That’s the kind of excellence you want to hire, when the chips are down.

    Not fancy suits.

    I’m watching this case, because I don’t know what the outcome will be.

    But the idea that someone like Hillary, who is so divisive, is a “great choice to lead,” is so backwards, and such a loser’s game; that I’m stunned no one steps up and says hostility doesn’t breed winners. It’s a good way to lose, though.

    And, yes. Elites not only choose schools where they think the credentials make them look “better.” They also join sororities and fraternities. “Excluse clubs.” As if their shit doesn’t stink.

    It was the aristocrats, advising old King George, that told him to disregard the Americans. Boy, was that a mistake! And, elites and aristocrats have lost more powers than you can imagine. So making mistakes is something you’d like to see avoided; by the kinds of people whom you hire. Who are honest. And, who can guide you away from touching the 3rd rail, for no purpose at all.

    Lincoln didn’t have a polarizing bone in his body. Neither did Reagan. And, all the bad press in the world hasn’t changed the fact that both Lincoln and Reagan have been recognized as great leaders.

    Reggie Walton purposely not giving Libby a fair shake is not what I think will happen. He’s been quiet! Maybe, Fitzgerald thinks he’s got a “slam dunk.” But I don’t see Fitzgerald clearing his name, ahead, any more than I see Nifong doing so.

  6. Carol J says:

    There was a soundbite from Joe Biden on Fox News this morning.

    He basically said that Congress must now “INSTRUCT” this President on foreign policy and how to run the war in Iraq! Joe Biden is running for that office, last time I checked. How would HE like it if someone tried to instruct HIM about how to do his job. Congress was never given the powers of the Commander-in-Chief by the founders and should NEVER assume that it has those powers. They keep on insisting that they are a “co-equal” branch of the government. You gotta ask yourself, is there a single Congressman or Congresswoman that you would trust with your life and the lives of our precious military?

    My answer is NO!!!