Jan 15 2007

Sad News On The Polonium 210 Trail

We had heard earlier reports that Kovtun’s ex-wife, partner and her two children had been cleared of Po-210 poisoning. It seems those reports were premature:

In the poison spy case the focus is now moving to Germany … where four people have been confirmed contaminated with polonium-210, the substance used to kill the former KGB agent Alexander Litvinenko.

German officials have confirmed that Kovtun’s ex-wife, her partner and two children have been contaminated with polonium.

Note this is different from the London trail in many ways, and similar. Depending on the levels of poisoning (the word I use when Po-210 has been ingested or inhaled and enters the body) these people may have come into contact with the particulate material that appears to be all over London. Recall the the UK HPA has been clear that exposure to a poisoned person is not likely to poison family and coworkers alone:

I work with someone who has a urine sample result showing elevated Polonium -210 levels. What is the risk to my health?

You are not at risk, if you work, or have social and household contact with people who may have elevated Polonium-210 levels in their urine. They are not a risk to others when normal hygiene practices are followed. You would only be at risk of harm from Polonium-210 if you have ingested it which is unlikely as only a tiny amount of it is excreted in body fluids.

So it is likely Kovtun had material on his body or clothes which he trailed across Hamburg from Oct 28th, when he left Moscow, to Nov 1st, when he went to London to meet Litvinenko, Lugovoi and others. We know Litvinenko was exposed to Po-210 twice since his autopsy shows to exposure times (and possibly that could imply two different sources of Po-210). It would seem the transport mechanism, or the process of divvying up the material in London (which the trail implies happened with three consignments in London during October and the first days of November), was fraught with peril as the Po-210 seems to have broken out of its containment many times. If Kovtun had the particulate Po-210 on him (not the acid form that would be used for an assassination) then again we see more indications of a smuggling operation vs an assassination effort.

We can only hope these new victims have minimal levels like everyone else who was one of the three prime victims (Litvinenko, Lugovoi and Kovtun). In another bit of news out today it turns out the British have been watching 60 locations for Po-210 contamination. No details yet on how many have tested positive.

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  1. crosspatch says:

    Don’t conclude that these people were all contaminated on the same day. He could have visited Germany several times over the previous few months and people contaminated/poisoned over time.

  2. AJStrata says:


    Good point!

  3. Lizarde1 says:

    “The radioactive substance that killed former Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko has been found in 120 people in the British capital and the numbers are growing, experts say. “…..

    key point: the numbers are GROWING….
    why? are they just dribbling this news out slowly so nobody panics or are people just slow to get tested and diagnosed? Only time will tell (10 years) just how many leukemia etc. cases actually show up. In any case, this was no professional assasination that’s for sure and anybody who continues to maintain that now has an AGENDA.

  4. cathyf says:

    One thing to remember is that these are press reports, and their sources are typically medical personnel. The latter are subject to hysteria whenever the subject of radiation comes up, while the former have the hysteria plus extreme scientific ignorance.

    Are these people really poisoned? Or just exposed to enough that it is detectable? The polonium is detectable at extraordinarily low levels, well below poisoning levels, and I don’t actually trust the journalists or their medical personnel sources to understand the difference.

  5. crosspatch says:

    Consider that polonium is the primary carcinogen in cigarette smoke. Even at levels too low to cause death from radiation sickness, it can cause cancers from cellular damage. Notice that many of the statements are worded along the lines of “no *immediate* health concern”. Also note that in one of the recent threads the health services says “all but 13 people” have levels too low to cause immediate concern. Which means that 13 people have levels that ARE concerning them.

    That’s a lot of people.

  6. Carol_Herman says:

    Again, it just touches on something that could be called a clue. In other words, since it wasn’t done on purpose; who in all heck did the man introduce this stuff to his ex-wife? And, his kids?

    Lots of times, when men make these sorts of visits, they bring the child-support payments.

    And, while no one wants to think that the polonium-210 “could have been traveling around” in pen barrels. There was a time that pens were supplied with ink, made more portable than “dipping feathers,” as soon as pens with barrels to contain the ink, were introduced.

    Because something had “to stick around.” Something odorless. And, tasteless.

    And, we’re all without clues on what went wrong.

    Or, for that matter, for how long the “method of containment” WASN’T.

    How do plans like this form in the first place?

    Again. If you “walk back the cat” from 9/11; and the dropping WTC Twin Towers; what strikes you is for HOW LONG the arabs were willing to work. Not to build the killing machinery. But to get their plans “operational.”

    No such clues, here.

    Just lots and lots of money.

    And, what seemed to Berekovsky, the Oligarth, an amount of money he was either willing to expend, or “front.” For even more “gains.”

    Goldfarb threw in putin, and probably the Chechnyens, as MacGuffin’s. Where the “plot” would not have accessed this, without their “being put out there.”

    Even the stories about Litvinenko, from about November 3rd, until he died about 20 days later; were not direct one-on-one interviews. Just statesments made by professionals. People at various points during Litvinenko’s “mysterious” phase to his illness, who kept stepping forward. You weren’t in a court of law!

    As to the spooks, they seem wall-to-wall. Londonstan now housing lots more than mosques! And, even if you want to call russians “freedom seekers,” the ones who head mafias don’t fit that description at all.

    I had always sensed we know very little about how many trips were made. Or even when this whole show began.

    But that the HOUSE OF SAUD would have loved to have “something” that destroyed America’s government, didn’t allude me. I saw this one pop up right away. This time, without the “event.” This time, without the need to “walk back the cat” to learn that the arabs would use innocent people are airplanes as their bomb fodder.

    So, if you’re alert, you’d see it, too. Hijacking airplanes are no longer things done to get aircraft from one country to another. And, all the hokum about how passengers are supposed to “cooperate” is also junk information. ALWAYS WAS JUNK INFORMATION. (But only the Jews learned anything from Entebbe.)

    Perhaps, it takes a Jew to solve your puzzling, here?

    Because there is NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING, that wealth can’t buy.

    Except for one thing. COMPETENCE.

    And, competence doesn’t start when you put plans into effect. Competence starts with management going through operations with fine tooth combs.

    By the way, hotels today pass on bed bugs, too. Not just stuff like po-210 flies under the radar screen!

    Of course, the money might have nothing to do with the poisoning of Kuvton’s ex-wife, and his children. HOWEVER, what’s the most likely scenario? How would you get the man HERE? Wouldn’t he have to be motivated, like many ex-husbands, into seeing his family, and not walking through the door empty-handed?

    Again, you need a pair of scales. So you can weigh options. The other option? Would have been to use his ex-wife’s house as a “safe house” for a period of time. Without knowing that however the polonium was being carried about, it was leaking like crazy.

    And, it’s also leaked into unknown places. Including cabs. Or rental vehicles. Trails which have long since been lost to most people. Who went over all the places all these russians had been into on their travels? Including the lavatories at restaurants. If not at airport buildings, as well.

    We only know the tip of the iceberg.

    But that “tip” is delivering a lot of ice! And, it showed up, here, like it did for the Titanic. Where the passengers didn’t know lifeboats were left behind, to make more room, to make more money.

    Which shows ya that disasters happen because someone had permission to cancel out common sense. Someone important enough!

    While, to tell you the truth, I’m still puzzled as to why there was an American Colonel, waiting to badge through Sgrena’s plane. But he couldn’t do so when Italy’s top spook was dead, inside her car. (The mistake then? Trying to bypass a security stop.) Lucky shot.

    I wonder if the President gave the kid who stopped Sgrena’s car a medal. Because this was something very deserved. And, instead, we get “official silence.”

    The whole thing is wrapped up in “official-dom.”

    By the way, don’t expect the person who was responsible for packaging this shit to ever step forward!

    And, like what followed Kennedy’s assassination, we will never know all the insiders who knew too much. I’d bet ya, there’s a trail of bodies flying out all over the place, here, too.

    One thing I’m sure of. The amount of money out there had the italians biting. And, may have put putin onto something as well. But would he also run it as a gesture of interference? Just for sport? Aware that “if” the arabs could knock out the President, and others who lead, it wouldn’t have been in russia’s long-term interests, either?

    In other words? We don’t even know the heroes. We know nothing. Only that the Titanic didn’t “make it.” Oh, yeah. And, Brad Pitt now is gonna “make da movie.” Good luck to him. He’s gonna treat Litvinenko as a “victim.” I guess with an actor willing to start with hair, who then goes bald. Without cowboys and indians, though, I don’t think hollywood will treat this story as the real threat it was!

    And, it’s still why I think Turki was forced to flee DC undiplomatically. When it’s the “diplomatic pants dancers” that the Saudis really, really own.

  7. kathie says:

    AJ—–look at LGF they have an interesting article on Israel peace agreement. Have a look. Kathie

  8. pentole.coperchi says:

    I have just posted notice of your theory (not naming your site) to Guzzanti’s blog. I hope somebody will will take it under consideration.
    I hope also that Senator Guzzanti will provide an english translation of his articles because I see that, all over, people “hear only one bell” (the one of a certanin anti-US and pro-palestinian side of italian culture which is licensed as “independent”).
    Best regards. I apreciate your clear-headed way of facing this question.