Jan 15 2007

The Russians Are Coming To London

In the continuing saga of the Litvinenko poisoning by Polonium-210 it seems the Russian investigators will be travelling to London to sit in on some more interrogations related to the Po-210 smuggling and Litvinenko death (which some believe was an assassination while others, like myslef, believe it was an accident in handling the very dangerous nuclear material). The Russians have a list of 100 people they wish to hear from, I would not be surprised if that list is whittled down a bit as time passes. But clearly on the top of the list is all those people currently tied to the Po-210 trail, which are a lot of associates of Berezovsky and Litvinenko. I expect Boris Berezovsky and Alex Goldfarb to be on the list of those to be questioned. Mainly because Goldfarb always reacts with media comments when Boris or himself are in a possibly negative PR position. He doesn’t disappoint:

Alex Goldfarb, who runs Berezovsky’s Foundation for Civil Liberties in New York and was a friend of Litvinenko, said Chaika’s announcement was designed to deflect attention.

“This is nothing but a stunt designed to deflect attention from Moscow,” Goldfarb told Reuters.

“It’s nothing but a smokescreen operation, a PR effort to hide the fact that the two prime suspects are in Moscow being shielded from British investigators by the Russian authorities.”

If it was nothing there would be no need to comment. The “Goldfarb standard” is key to determining the value of news on this matter. If he opens his yap it means the subject is worth paying attention to. Otherwise he would keep a low profile.

So clearly Goldfarb is uneasy for himself and his boss Berezovsky, who have had total PR control over the situation since Litvinenko died and the Goldfarb read his supposed death-bed claims against Putin. So why would Goldfarb be concerned? Simple. One of the people who was met with Litvinenko on all three dates surrounding smuggling of Po-210 through London (as seen in three contaminated hotels with mutiple rooms showing signs if material being split apart for distinct shipments to some other destination) was on Andrei Lugovoi. He and his associate Dmitry Kovtun are critical parts of the Po-210 trail and are nearly as poisoned as Litvinenko, easily being number 2 and 3 on the list of poisoned people – where Litvinenko will remain number 1. Lugovoi and Kovtun apparently signed a plea agreement ahead of the British authorities’s visit to Moscow:

Lugovoy told Reuters last month he was a witness – not a suspect – and said he had nothing to do with the poisoning of Litvinenko.

Lugovoi has said he may have more to say after January 15th – today. We shall see. The assassination theory was floated in an attempt to link a lot of suspicious deaths together in classic conspiracy theory paranoia. But many times reality is much simpler, as this person points out well:

And then there’s the opposite problem — seeing too many connections when events are more related by type than cause. The murders of Central Bank First Deputy Chairman Andrei Kozlov, journalist Politkovskaya and ex-KGB man Alexander Litvinenko are more related by the matrix of lawlessness from which they all emerged than from any coordinated plan. There were a lot of assassinations in the United States in the late 1960s — President John F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X — and although there is a tendency to see some sinister hand behind them, the more likely explanation lies in the radical turbulence of the times. When a society loses faith in itself, it solves its problems with murder.

My view is Politkovskaya was on the trail of murderous organized crime thugs, got too close to the truth and was eliminated. And Litvinenko died a martyr to the Chechen Islamo Fascist cause – not an honor bestowed lightly. He died exposed to Po-210, a deadly element that could kill millions. And he and Berezovsky were connected to an extensive trail of P0-210 shipments, much more activity than is required for the fraction of a grain of salt of Po-210 that killed Litvineko. Po-210 doesn’t come in fractions of grains of salt normally. A speck of it lose in the air and ingest or inhaled was all it would take. But why so many rooms in so many hotels? One person could not manage a speck of dust of Polonium – so how is it there were multiple ‘transporters’?

I welcome the Russians and anyone who can find out what happened to all the Po-210 this trail suggests made its way through London in October. Recalling that the material would be of immense value to Islamist Terrorists against the West.

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  1. Carol_Herman says:

    PR firms are always called in AFTER the bad news hits the fan.

    I’m sure Goldfarb was not in charge of “planning” anything, other than “clearing his boss’s name from the rank stuff.”

    On the other hand, to think that this smuggling arm had 100 “interested partners,” proves yet again what schlemiels the HOUSE OF SAUD deals with; when it goes to bed at night “dreaming of hurting America in a big way.”

    Their best shot is now long gone from view.

    And, what’s happened to all the “collection” of po-210; PLUS THE OTHER MORE INNOCENT LOOKING ACCRUTREMENTS is anyone’s guess.

    But the trail’s now as cold as Litvinenko.

    Ah, if America had only been so lucky, and Oswald was gunned down BEFORE Kennedy reached Dealey Plaza!

    You know? It’s been said our President is a lucky man. And, in a lot of ways I still believe this is true. (Kennedy’s family, however, was cursed. And, there’s lots of ways that this fact got demonstrated. Even though none of us have any idea how the “Big Man in the Sky” works out all of the details.)

    All we know is that sometimes plans gel. And, at other times they just go to hell.

    Because this was planned as a big operation, it’s not so easy to put anything back together, again. Which is a good thing.

    The other thing to notice? When did you ever get the truth out on Kennedy’s assassination? All you know is that he was killed. And, what got botched was an honest investigation.

    So, in comes Goldfarb. Even if this territory is his meat and potatoes, don’t look for any more “truth” to land on the table.

    Only that what was supposed to happen, didn’t.

    And, in the process? Gee. You learned that the arabs freak out at their fears of “silent” radiation poisoning.

    In such a ball park rumors can hit you a home run. (Or as Mark Steyn once reported. There were rumors circulating in Eygpt a few years ago, that the Jews were causing men to lose their penises. As this is what one man said happened to him, when he “accidently” shook hands with an Israeli. No. I’m not making this stuff up! And, Mark Steyn has an uncanny ability to report the truth. While most of the media stays stuck on propaganda.)

    Is there one good thing to see in this russian story? Sure. Now, there are KGB russians who can fly to London. No need to be a ballet dancer. Or a diplomat. The creaking door opened up a bit, huh?

  2. mrmeangenes says:

    I really don’t know how to say this, but: opening my newspaper on Sunday,a headline caught my eye on an inside page (Yes: I know. That’s smarts when you catch your eye like that !) But I digress:


    It was an AP story, and it appears at least two of the films will tell of poor,heroic Litvinenko-poisoned by those (Ptui !) Putin-ites – and will be based on whatever the widow and Mr. Goldfarb tell them.

    A 3rd film is to be based on a book by Alan Cowell (a NYT reporter,of all things !) to be published by Doubleday next year. This film will be produced by that well-known authority on matters politic-Johnny Depp.

    ( I hope you folks will excuse me while I barf !)

  3. Snapple says:


    You seem to identify the Chechen reistance with Al Qaeda.

    This is an oversimplification. The elected President Maskhadov, who was undermined by the Kremlin, did not fight the Russians as a terrorist and was not an extremist Muslim.

    I think that the Russians did in the more normal Chechen leaders.

    I can’t know who is behind this poisoning, but you need to recognize that Chechens don’t like the Russians because the Russians have treated them badly for generations.

    I am sure Al Qaeda takes advantage of this, but not all Chechen resistance is/was Al Qaeda.

    You might want to check out http://www.rferl.org for some background on this war.