Jan 09 2007

Bush Finishes Clinton’s Unfinished Job

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It seems George Bush is making good on Clinton’s promises to bring those who bombed our US embassies in Africa to justice. First, Clinton’s unfinished promise from 1998:

Following military strikes on a suspected terrorist camp in Afghanistan and an alleged chemical weapons plant in Sudan, the Clinton administration declared that it intends to wage war against international terrorism.

Bombing empty aspirin factories at night and taking down a few empty tents in the desert were not what any non-liberal would call ‘waging war’ – but then Democrats are afraid to wage war, as is seen in their desparation to surrender Iraq.

Bush, on the other hand, is serious about bringing justice to people who kill Americans and innocent people, and wastes no time lauding the bombing of some factory closed for the night. He gets to the terrorists themselves:

A U.S. Air Force gunship has conducted a strike against suspected members of al Qaeda in Somalia, CBS News national security correspondent David Martin reports exclusively.

The targets included the senior al Qaeda leader in East Africa and an al Qaeda operative wanted for his involvement in the 1998 bombings of two American embassies in Africa, Martin reports. Those terror attacks killed more than 200 people.

I am sure the liberals will be out wailing about that war monger Bush. But itg is clear he is simply making good on Clinton’s promises to this nation. Good for President Bush. Let the Dems whimper.

Update: It seems Bush was doing the UN’s job as well [from a later, extended version of the story above]:

Somalia has not had an effective central government since clan-based warlords toppled dictator Mohamed Siad Barre in 1991 and then turned on each other, sinking the Horn of Africa nation of 7 million people into chaos.

At least 13 attempts at government have failed since then. The current government was established in 2004 with U.N. backing.

Supporting the intentions and will of the international community. Wonder what the left will say about that.

Update: The liberals in the EU, as expected, are all upset the US took out Al Qaeda terrorists associated with embassy bombings in support of a UN backed government. Folks, the US can stop listening to the liberals because they have one tune – anyone but America. One of these days those liberals will be crying at our door because we did not stop some terrorists before they struck home in Europe. We either take them out before they hit us or after. Seems the left prefers only after.

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  1. Bill's Bites says:

    CBS: U.S. Strikes Al Qaeda In Somalia…

    1stCav also notes: I feel pretty sure that the CBS boy got their nomenclature wrong on the ‘thousands of rounds per second’. S/B 1,000’s/minute

  2. Terrye says:

    What Clinton promised to wage war against terrorism? I thought that was somethig the neo cons came up with so that they could serve their SZionist masters and steal oil while they forced other people to vote.

    Or something like that. Hard to keep up with the self serving changes in Democratic policy.

  3. the good doctor says:

    BJ Billy is the only president without a legacy. Even Billy Carter has the Camp David accord. We will remember him for a fake economy that headed into a recession,failure to respond to terrorism and ofcourse that little black dress.

  4. U.S. Military Strike in Somalia…

    The U.S. military returns to Somalia with a bang:
    A U.S. air strike hit targets in southern Somalia where Islamic militants were believed to be sheltering suspects in the 1998 bombings of two U.S. embassies, Somali officials and witnesses said Tuesday….

  5. Carol J says:


    Who do you suppose said this?

    The President noted that “the most powerful weapon in our counter-terrorism arsenal is our determination to never give up. In recent years we have captured major terrorists in the far corners of the world and brought them to America to answer for their crimes, sometimes years after they were committed.”

    He also stressed that “to pull back our diplomats and troops from the world’s trouble spots; to turn our backs on those taking risks for peace; to weaken our opposition to terrorism would give terrorism a victory it must not and will not have.”


    That’s right…William Jefferson Clinton! It was in response to the embassy bombings. Too bad he didn’t really mean it.



  6. ivehadit says:

    Many theaters in this war on terror…Charge on, O great military and Commander-in-Chief. We are with you!

  7. Somalia : The “Stealth” Presence…

    Daveed Gartenstein-Ross has a good post on the often-ignored U.S. presence in Somalia:U.S. ground forces have been active in Somalia from the start, a senior military intelligence officer confirmed. “In fact,” he said, “they were part of the first g…

  8. The Macker says:

    Bush and our Military deliver again.

    And the left thought al Qaeda was only in Afghanistan. It’s good we have a president that can handle more than one variable at a time.

  9. Barbara says:

    Robert Kaplan, author of “Imperial Grunts” said in a interview with Hugh Hewitt that he visited small pockets of military all over the world in research for his book. I imagine these people have been assigned to these countries much like the ones in Ethiopia. Maybe we will see more iniatives like this one in Somalia.. Let the left keep portraying Bush as a dummy. He is smart like a fox and he is running rings around them.

  10. ivehadit says:

    RE: “…he is running rings around them.”
    And you know, Barbara, they don’t even know it, do they?…hehehehe

    Go George! We are with you!