Jan 09 2007

More Al Qaeda Rolled Up

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Al Qaeda seems to be taking hits all over the place. First we had the operation in Somalia – per the promise Clinton made to take the war to the terrorists. Now we have that may avert an Al Qaeda attack there. There was an Al Qaeda banker arrested in Turkey. And, while the news media is too obsessed to notice, the war on Al Qaeda is bearing results:

How’s the war on terror going? That’s a difficult question to answer, because there is wide disagreement on exactly what the war is. For example, there are many Islamic terrorist groups active, many of them were in action long before September 11, 2001. This includes the violence between Sunni Arabs, and everyone else, in Iraq, and the war between the Taliban, and various opponents inside Afghanistan. Outside of those two areas, where al Qaeda declares itself a participant, there has not been a lot of al Qaeda activity. In 2005, al Qaeda attempted nine attacks, and succeeded in seven of them. But last year, al Qaeda attempted seven attacks, but only one succeeded.

The biggest carping about Iraq is it is taking too long. Personally the liberal whiners are just to be ignored. Nobody defined ‘too long’ when we engaged in this with full Congressional support. Maybe next time the Democrats will vote their concience instead of from fear of losing votes. Novel idea that one. Iraq is progressing as planned. It may not be as quiet as we wish, but the swamp is being drained. And that was what was necessary to end the fomenting of hatred toward the US. Handover of regions to the Iraqis continue apace. And the good news is the government is committed to success and whether the attacks honorably. As are the Iraqis.

What is too long and too high a price? It takes us 15 years to build and fly a space probe to Saturn, so why would it take only 3 to rebuild an entire country? People who think like this are just not experienced in life to understand how long things really take. A child takes two decades, but they want to run from our responsibility in 3 years. Sounds like some parents I have the disfortune to have met. Give up the minute it looks tough. The ones I call family and friends never give up, and that is why they are successful in life.

Iraq is not taking any longer the the Balkans or Europe after WWII or Japan, etc. The war fighting ended but it took years and decades to restore normality. Again, only those ready to repeat the mistakes of history through ignorance whinge that Iraq is taking toolong. And the price in lives? Even I was stunned to realize we lose 3,000 Americans a month on our highways. In one month we lose as many Americans just driving as we did in three years in Iraq. That is over 1000 times higher rate of loss. I am going back to math class! The highway death rate is ony 36 times higher (days are not months, not matter how long they seem!). While not as extreme, it is still much higher than the death rate in Iraq. – AJStrate

Are we ready to give up driving? Is the price too high? Of course not. What we have is media hype caused by obsessive bias. If we realized just going to work and school and the store and vacation over the last three years killed over a thousand times the number of people we lost in Iraq we would realize the hyped death figures in the media are just that – hype. Data without context. A 300% 36 fold increast sound like a lot, unless you are going from .1% to .36%. Journalists are either utter failures at math and numbers or deliberate propagandists. [Some Kettle and Pot going on here! – AJStrata]

Bush is making steady progress. Dems want to quit. It is as simple as that. People can over think this all they want. But I want Al Qaeda running from us in the ME, not towards our homes and schools here in America strapped with bombs.

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  1. lurker9876 says:

    This makes it more critical that our next US president is just as resilient, savvy, and smart as our current US president in order to continue what Bush has done.

  2. Gotta Know says:

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    Spam filter is eating everything AJ

  3. TomAnon says:

    When are the Dems going to learn you cannot fight a war with MS Project. Milestones that are not timebound, yes. Timelines, no way…

  4. For Enforcement says:

    Yes the Dems have the same strategy as in Vietnam. Pres Johnson’s strategy in Vietnam was that progress would be made by body count. As long as the vietcong losses were greater than American and S vietnamese. but then they only estimated the body counts of the north. The poor dem strategy then, that it was too tough and wasn’t worth it is still permeating the dems logic now. They assume since they lost it back then that the Repubs must surely be losing today. We’re at about where we were in ’68. We still have troops in Japan and Germany 61 years later and it is still to keep and insue stability in the regions and to give us a base of operations for hot spots. They benefit from it and the US benefits from it. No matter who the US pres is, troops will be in Iraq for at least 10 more years. Of course by then there will be no killing or fighting, but they will still need to be there for stability. If we stay in Iraq til it’s stable and peaceful it will be a major defeat for al qaeda and they will never be a major force again. (I hope and believe)

  5. Carol_Herman says:

    Good buildup to the President’s speech t’marra night.

    While the donks have messed up, BIG TIME.

    Do you know why?

    They got to be in the majority, in congress, by fooling the American people with Blue Dogs. But the newcomers only elevated the elites to a position nobody in their right minds, endorses.

    Bush will walk all over them.

    I do notice, however, that the clown-Biden, (who also wants to run for the presidency. So this must hold “tax advantages” to the idiots who collect money from others at the door); is now saying the donks can’t stop the “surge.” And, the president can do what he wants.

    The better question. Since this is now a moving bus: Will there be enough of a “pause” so some democraps, who really, really like being elected, come out “against pelosi?” And, Reid?

    Lott can count!

    And, that’s what’s ahead.

    Plus, IF the President wins big on this one. The next thing he owns is the VETO PEN. A lot of good it will do the donks to remain against the tides.

    In wars, and in politics, “tides turning” can sweep ya, away.

    It’s good to see the President back in the saddle.

    And, it’s good to see that just like Ken Lay “learned,” the House of Saud will also “learn.”

    I’ve also noticed we never get a count of how many dead Al-kay-duh-rings are rolled up. But there’s gonna be a tipping point.

    What’s the tipping point? That’s when the Iraqis discover that iran and syria are without lights.

  6. Carol_Herman says:

    Let’s say Reid goes without enough votes? Would this give McCain leverage? Don’t forget: LOTT IS HIS MAN!

    And, that’s the contest no one wants to guess about, ahead of time.

    The elites? They’re the one’s holding “Chamberlain’s” umbrella over the heads of the donkey party. And, it’s a very expensive grip. With all sorts of fallout.

    Since at no time has the media “re-attracted” their lost subscribers.

    Lost subscribers? They’re like cast-aways. No one quite knows on what island (group) they can be found.

    But the elites? Who knew the next two years of Bush’s presidency stands at such a crossroads? Where in one direction, the winds will always be at his back.

  7. Carol_Herman says:

    You know, AJ. Let the liberal whiners run on “it took too long.”

    It won’t even sell to women in their 8th month of pregnancy!

    It’s not a show stopper.

    But it may be all they have, ahead. In 2008.

  8. For Enforcement says:


  9. Carol J says:

    yeah testing.


  10. Terrye says:

    Testing here too.

  11. AJStrata says:

    You folks are flagging the spam filters for some reason. I cannot turn them off because we are under constant barrage (and that may be the reason more and more words are being flagged). Sorry, but I will not be able to even think about the problem for another two days.


  12. crosspatch says:

    It hasn’t been three years in Iraq. Those three years were basically spent simply keeping things together enough so that a government could be formed. That government has only been in place for 8 months. 8 months isn’t enough time.

    For the majority of that 8 months, Iraq hasn’t had a trained army or police force, that is still underway. You can not build an army in only a couple of years. It takes years of experiance to make an effective general officer, let alone a division staff officer.

    Kennedy would pull the plug in the Iraqis after only 8 months. I am ashamed of him. Not politically, but as one American to another.

  13. lurker9876 says:

    Testing. I posted a few this morning and none came through.

    Another front of the war on terror – looks like Iran may be weakening. Will USA try and help the “underground resistance” inside Iran? Let’s hope they are not ignored.

    Iranian Parliament Wants Regime Change

    And how do you like the newly designed US flag?