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Sep 08 2008

Can “The Messiah” Beat “Cinderella Sarah”?

We live in interesting times. I am watching Greta Van Sustern’s biography on Sarah Palin and lord can I relate to this woman and her family. Sarah is coming to VA this week and every woman I know is going to go (especially LJStrata and DJStrata). I think Palin would have been a phenom all […]

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Sep 08 2008

Obama Crashing And Burning In Polls, On Self Image – Updated!

Lots of new polls out tonight – keep scrolling! Obama is out today claiming Gov Palin was for the bridge to no where before she was against it, and then claimed you can’t just make things up, you can’t just remake yourself. He claims Americans aren’t dumb. Yeah Barry, we ain’t dumb – and you’re […]

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Sep 08 2008

I Am Now Predicting A McCain/Palin Landslide

America, if this is the kind of world you want to raise your family in, vote Obama (H/T LGF): Note: the sewer mentality: “Adorable special needs child desperately requires loving family. Used once as prop during televised speech. Requires spit to style hair. Can shoot a rabbit with an air rifle at 35 feet. Mother is pushy […]

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Sep 08 2008

Obidenama Crashing In State Polls

Michigan is not a red state by a long shot. In a late June poll by Democrat pollster PPP Obama led McCain by 9 points (48-39) and held a commanding 11 point lead with women. In the latest September PPP Poll Obama’s lead is a 1 point, a statistical tie in a Democrat state. And […]

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Sep 08 2008

More Poll Bad News For Obidenama! – Updated

On Friday Obidenama had a 6 point lead in the newly launched Hotline daily tracking poll. Today that lead is gone and the poll shows a dead heat. Right in line with other horrible poll news coming out today. I think we can thank both Governor Sarah Palin for bring new blood and life to […]

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Sep 08 2008

Undecideds Massing Towards McCain-Palin

Where is The Surge in McCain support coming from? Well, if you look at the latest Gallup numbers you see McCain-Plain taking all the undecideds – and then some: When McCain was last well up on Obama (Jan 08) undecideds where 5%. When Obama was well up on McCain (prior to GOP Convention) undecideds were […]

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Sep 08 2008

Baffling Yourself With BS Statistics

I have to laugh at one of the liberal polling experts on the left, someone over at a blog called Fivethirtyeight. Today Nate Silver shows how statistics, when appropriately rigged, can even delude the statistician: Among the many difficulties that we face in this unique election cycle is figuring out exactly how long one should […]

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Sep 08 2008

US Targets Core Of Islamic Extremists In Pakistan’s Tribal Regions

For the past year Pakistan forces have been pushing northward towards their border with Afghanistan executing their version of The Surge – to clear and control regions once infiltrated or controlled by Taliban and their al-Qaeda allies. This has brought fighting into the Swat Valley region of the North West Frontier Province (NWFP) where Islamist […]

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Sep 08 2008

Anyone Still Believe The Liberal Propaganda About Being For The People?

Liberalism is about to finally die in America. After years of the GOP and the ‘true conservatives’ falling into paralysis and snarking at the middle of America, the Dems got a chance to back up all their rhetoric about being for the average American. And they have completely blow it in less than two years. […]

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