Sep 08 2008

Obama Crashing And Burning In Polls, On Self Image – Updated!

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Lots of new polls out tonight – keep scrolling!

Obama is out today claiming Gov Palin was for the bridge to no where before she was against it, and then claimed you can’t just make things up, you can’t just remake yourself. He claims Americans aren’t dumb. Yeah Barry, we ain’t dumb – and you’re throwing rocks from your glass house again.

Do the dems recall all Obama’s flip flops? Let me remind Obama how dumb we aren’t:


  1. Obama will be going to Iraq soon, and he knows he faces being handed over an Iraq on the path to victory – therefore he has begun equivocating on his plans.  And he knows he cannot pretend there is no risk to this victory by pulling out forces without any regard to what is happening on the ground. This reality has been explained to him by liberal news outlets in no uncertain terms – his current plans will be a disaster. In factObama was recently caught lying to either the Iraq government or the American people on his positions – we still don’t know which.
  2. The other signature issue for the far left when it comes to George W Bush is their lame fear mongering that protecting America from attack is actually a front for listening in on the babbling lefties. Most of us find this fear mongering more humorous than scary (see here for an example), but when push came to shove the liberals expected their candidate to stand with them, despite the obvious blow-back that would come from tearing down our protections against planned attacks we know are underway because of a fear of unsubstantiated invasions of privacy. This was the acid test for the liberal standard bearer – and Obama threw them under the bus, not even promising to do a show-filibuster. But its not like this has not happened many times before from other Democrat leaders.
  3. Disarming America is a big deal in the far left fevered swamps. And when the Supreme Court ruled to dump DC’s gun ban laws, you would think Obama would simply rail against the decision and stay vaguely neutral. But no, he actually changed his position (and damn near immediately, as I noted here) and supported the court’s decision! Is Obama a threat to ‘bitter’ gun owners or not? Who knows, but he clearly is misleading someone here (and maybe everyone). Here I posted on how he was supposed to be the centrist, but was talking far left behind the scenes.  Now he seems to be the far left candidate who is running full steam to the center, damn the primary voters (aka, dupes).
  4. Obama’s opposition to NAFTA has melted into a pool of ambiguity and anger from the left.
  5. And in what has to be the biggest blow-off to Hillary Clinton supporters, Obama has now taken up the centrist conservative position on abortion, restricting it’s use to address physical health risks to the mother:

    In an interview this week with “Relevant,” a Christian magazine, Obama said prohibitions on late-term abortions must contain “a strict, well defined exception for the health of the mother.”

    Obama then added: “Now, I don’t think that ‘mental distress’ qualifies as the health of the mother. I think it has to be a serious physical issue that arises in pregnancy, where there are real, significant problems to the mother carrying that child to term.”…

    Boy, all those pro-choice women supporting Hillary must be spitting mad now!

  6. Another of Obama’s two-faced flip-flop-flip was on the matter of Jerusalem and whether it would remain the capitol of Israel. Again we have no clue what his views really are because he has made so many conflicting and vague statements.
  7. Obama’s flopping all started with his reverse course on pledging to use public funding for his campaign – which irritated the liberal press no end who continue to try and control politics by limiting free speech of average Americans.
  8. He has turned his back on the anti-death penalty plank of the liberal base.
  9. And then we have some flop-flop’s, which are surprise positions no one knew Obama had, but mirror Bush policies – like supporting federal funds going to faith based institutions.  Though I am not sure America is behind sending their hard earned tax dollars to Rev Jeremiah “God Damn America” Wright.


Obama is in trouble, is shifting his positions (e.g., taxes) and he is calling Palin unauthentic? Poor Barry, he cannot fight his own image and blame Palin for his own shortcomings.

BTW, Allah Pundit notes why the left is out in a panic today. Even in ‘close’ polls Obama is losing the fight for the women voters:

Sit back and let these numbers sink in. In less than a month Obama has from +8 to -12 – a swing of 20%!

More here.  And somehow Obama is tied?  LOL! The media can spin their polls all day long, they won’t move the people. Whether polls are honest about the movement or not will not impact the movement. Here’s how we will know if Obama is in trouble: we see polls shift in VA, OH, CO and NH in the coming week. If they move out of the toss-up column (which I am sure they will) then there will be no more excuses about Obama’s fall.

Oops! that didn’t take long!

Update: Oops again, CBS/NY Times has even more bad poll news for O-Bomba!

Republican presidential nominee John McCain leads Democratic rival Barack Obama 46 percent to 44 percent in the latest CBS News poll, which was taken in the three days following the completion of the parties’ nominating conventions. 

The poll marks the first time that McCain, whose two-point lead is within the poll’s margin of error, has led Obama in CBS News general election polling. 

Another 10 point swing towards McCain/Palin in only one week. And like all polls coming out there are some scary numbers for the dems and media. The fact is the media is rightfully seen as being over the top on Palin:


(Among registered voters) 

                 McCain – Palin – Obama – Biden 

Harder on 31% – 54% – 18% – 3% 

Easier on 11 – 10 – 36 – 23

The same 55 – 29 – 44 – 64 

America has seen the media in the gutter, they don’t need it explained to them. But even worse in this poll is the independent vote, which is now 55-29 McCain/Palin! That is stunning. BTW, I predicted a while back the CBS/NY Times poll would end up big for McCain/Palin when Obama had lost his bounce before Palin’s speech had aired.

With this data I think it will only be a matter of a few days before we start to see the fall in other polls. I am actually looking forward to see the next snapshot of this poll which I presume will be not long after the GOP convention wraps up today.

For any paying attention, this Democrat implosion could be seen coming months ago.

Update: Rasmussen/Fox have state polls out, mostly bad news for Obama: CO - Obama  49-46 (that’s the good news for O-Bomba); VA – McCain 49-47; OH – McCain 51-44 (great news for McCain); FL – 48-48 (dubious good news for Obama); PA – Obama 47-45 (a huge drop for O-Bomba). I still think all these polls are too close to the conventions (America is still digesting). But on balance these are great numbers of McCain.

Update: Allah Pundit missed another crushing set of stats in his review of the ABC News poll linked above: Independents 50-43 McCain, Married Woman 48-44 McCain, White Catholics 59-36 McCain. Not sure how Obama can pull out a win with these numbers.


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11 Responses to “Obama Crashing And Burning In Polls, On Self Image – Updated!”

  1. Sue says:


    It’s even better than all of this. Obama and Biden voted for the Bridge to Nowhere.

  2. AJStrata says:

    For some dumb reason the Obama campaign keeps picking issues that simply rebound on him! It’s like they cannot stop shooting Obama in the feet????

  3. Dc says:

    You left out the biggest stones tossed in the glass house AJ. According to Allah Pundant, both Obama and Biden voted for the bridge to nowhere.

    HA…Sue beat me to it.

  4. Sue says:

    ::grin:: His feet are really going to be sore when McCain fires back with the ad of Obama and Biden voting for the bridge to nowhere, not once but twice. There was an amendment offered to take the funds and send them to Katrina victims. Obama and Biden voted again for the bridge to nowhere.

  5. RattlerGator says:

    There’s no way that Florida poll is accurate. McCain clearly leads here. Here is where I suspect the problem is: “While McCain leads 56% to 39% among white voters in Florida, Obama leads 63% to 32% among Hispanic voters.” That Hispanic number, my friends, is virtually impossible. I’m not sure there’s one large county in this state where they could poll and get those kinds of Hispanic numbers for Obama.

  6. MarkN says:

    The CO number is more than likely affected by the Dem convention in Denver. The Florida numbers make me scratch my head as well as the Ohio numbers. Although the Pennsylvania numbers confirm the Ohio numbers.

    Rasmussen takes into account leaners based on robo-calling as well as party affiliation. The party affiliation numbers were much closer in August that in July. 5.7% vs. 7.6%. I’m just waiting for the September numbers given the gutter media and the Palin effect. If they get down to 3% difference, then Rasmussen’s polls will show a big improvement for McCain.

    The biggest poll I’ve seen today is the one of who is more qualified to be President. Obama or Palin. Obama wins 48-44 with 8% saying about equal. Can you say landslide. I thought Palin was running for VP. Obama should crush her in such a poll. It makes McCain look head and shoulders above Obama.

    I still think the economy is everything this election. McCain needs to come out in favor of making the Bush tax cuts permanent as well as allowing the drilling moratorium to expire to flip the economic issue.

  7. Dc says:

    Never underestimate a man (Obama) who’s had nearly every political opponent he’s ever faced thrown out or buried on technical/legal issues. Obama was not “nominated” by the people. He did not have enough votes for that. He was appointed…by the DNC national committee.

    His first political office…was gained by having the woman who offered him her legislative seat up, (she was going to congress), who changed her mind and came back…only to see Obama refuse to step down, THEN have HER thrown out on a technical issue involving her petition.

    He makes the Clinton’s look tame.

  8. BarbaraS says:

    Does anyone know if Obama can drop Biden and re[place him with Clinton as his VP at this late date?

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