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Sep 07 2008

Clearly Being A Liberal Windbag Doesn’t Make For Good Business

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How bad is the backlash against the news media? Well, Olberman and Mathews have been pushed from the anchor chairs at MSNBC, probably because their insulting and arrogant behavior was causing a lot of people to turn the dial. MSNBC tried a bold experiment this year by putting two politically incendiary hosts, Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews, […]

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Sep 07 2008

McCain-Palin Take Crushing 10% Lead With Likely Voters

I thought the Gallup Daily Tracking Polls was bad enough this today (see here), but the weekend polling – which goes to make up the USA Today/Gallup Poll, was even larger than I expected this soon. In one short week Obama went from a 7 point lead to a 4 point deficit – well outside […]

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Sep 07 2008

SNAFU On CNN’s Situation Room: Brazile Compares Obama To Jesus Christ, Palin To Pontius Pilate – Updated

Update – Anyone wondering if I have lost it or the dems really are running amok in a craze can now go to CNN and see the transcript for the show: BRAZILE: First of all, I don’t think they understand the role of a community organizer, often to help people who are in distress, they’ve […]

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Sep 07 2008

2008 Election Poll News – McCain/Palin Lead In Polls Coming Soon! – Major Update!

Major Update: Wow – it may be the Gallup Daily Tracking Poll that Sabato apparently had seen and it is a stunner! From an 8 point lead less than a week ago Obidenama are now at a 3% deficit: On key snippet: McCain has outpolled Obama on both Friday and Saturday … No word on how the […]

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Sep 07 2008

Crowds Without Rock Bands

Obama gets a lot of photo-op crowds by scheduling massively popular bands to fill his events. One thing is for sure Sarah Palin can draw huge crowds all on her own! From yesterday in Colorado Springs (video below):

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Sep 07 2008

The Palin Phenom

I knew Governor Palin would shake this race up, and I could tell after her convention speech she was an up and coming force to be reckoned with. I also saw her start a bit slow on the campaign trail this weekend, reading from her convention speech. Not surprising for a new face. But this […]

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Sep 07 2008

Update On War On Terror 09_07_08: Gadahn And Muslim Human Shields

As many of us watching the new and events in Pakistan have been seeing there has been an escalation in the US/NATO tempo against al-Qaeda targets in the Pakistan tribal regions known as the FATA and the NWFP. Just a few days ago there was another Predator strike on a safe house for al-Qaeda in […]

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