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Sep 12 2008

The Pathetic Obama/Biden Gaffe Machine Regarding The Physically Handicapped

A lot of people gasped at Joe Biden’s honest mistake recently when, at a campaign event, he called out a local Democrat leader – asking him to stand. Sad thing was, the man was confined to a wheel chair. Earlier in the week, in Columbia, Missouri, Biden urged a paraplegic state official to stand up […]

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Sep 12 2008

McCain-Palin Wave Still Building

Today’s Rassmussen Daily Tracking Poll numbers may be confirming my prediction that the McCain-Palin wave of support is still building: McCain now attracts 48% of the vote while Obama earns 45%. When “leaners” are included, it’s McCain 49%, Obama 46%. Yesterday, the candidates were tied. … It is unusual to find a three-point jump in […]

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Sep 12 2008

Gibson – Interview Or Interrogation

I am not going to waste much of my time on the Charlie Gibson interview (don’t have much time to waste and others will do plenty of excellent work). I will add this comment I heard from a caller on the Bill Bennett show this morning.  The caller noted Gibson launched some lame and condescending […]

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Sep 12 2008

Obama Sinking Dems, Not Just Himself – Election Over (Updated)

Bill Clinton is one of the most popular Democrat heroes of all time. Yet he took power of the White House while dems controlled both houses of Congress, and when he was done all three were in GOP hands. Go figure, in my world that is a disaster. Barack Obama seems to be ten times […]

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