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Sep 19 2008

ABC News Smoking Gun A Dud

ABC News thinks they have found a smoking gun in the troopergate fiasco where Democrats are siding with a drunk trooper who tasered his step son and threatened to kill Governor Palin’s father. None of that matters to the Obamanation Media. Their evidence is a joke – made even more so by they leaps of […]

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Sep 19 2008

Bush Quietly Comes To The Rescue

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President Bush’s economic team hit the streets today and probably pulled America from the brink of a disaster. And instead of making this political – he did quietly in order for those in Congress who have to make these corrections law could do so without partisan rancor. It’s not that Bush is partisan, it’s because […]

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Sep 19 2008

Team Obama Has Fingerprints All Over Financial Crisis – Updated

Updates Below – McCain ads Now we know why Obama wants to raise taxes – to bail out those jerks who tanked our mortgage markets and nearly sent us into a real depression. First off it is good to get a little history on what led to this mess. Michael Reagan does a good job of […]

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Sep 19 2008

Is The Dam About To Break On Democrat Crossovers To McCain-Palin?

The news the Hillary Clinton backer Lynn De Rothschild crossed over to McCain was big splashed across the media and really upset the pro-Obama CNN ‘news’ team. Donald Trump, another Clinton supporter, announced this week on Larry King he was also crossing over to McCain. I noted in a recent poll that McCain was attracting […]

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Sep 19 2008

Team Obama Riding Goebbels Coattails

I don’t like spin or sound bites. The first item is the act of presenting a misleading image of an issue by cherry-picking aspects to emphasize one view. Misleading through being incomplete. Sound bites are ways to hide key aspects in vaguery. Some sound bits summarize well, become a shorthand for a common understanding, and […]

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Sep 19 2008

Now This Is What I Call A Late Term Abortion – Thanks To Government Run Healthcare

Well, there are late term abortions, and there are late, late, late term abortions so that financially struggling government health care can save a few coins: Elderly people suffering from dementia should consider ending their lives because they are a burden on the NHS and their families, according to the influential medical ethics expert Baroness […]

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Sep 19 2008

Fly By 09_19_08

Wanted to just post a bunch of items I have been holding onto that I find interesting. Sadly for you folks sick of polls it contains a lot of polls. But for the rest of us propeller-heads there is some intetersting data points to ponder. Not to fear though, I am starting of with excerpts […]

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