Feb 19 2008

Live Blogging WI Primary – It’s A Dem Battle In Wisconsin! Obama/McCain

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7:30 PM Eastern: I am going to be ignoring the GOP race since it looks like a cake-walk for McCain today. I will be interested in seeing his margin in the vote and delegates, but that is of distant secondary interest. What I’m fascinated to see how Hillary does in WI. It seems some exit poll data is out – and is mixed (and should be ignored as all the previous primary exist polls have proven this year).

We’ll start with some early results which seem to show another Obama blow out:

Democratic officials with access to exit polls say Sen. Obama looks like he’s headed for a huge win in today’s Wisconsin primary.

The polls are so consistently wrong it is almost a given these early indicators will be shown wrong. Other data is shows more of a lean towards Clinton:

White – 88%
A[frican]-A[merican] – 8%
Latino – 4%

As well as this data:

this electorate is very white; only four in ten have a “college degree.” They’re “less affluent” than Dems in other states. The percentage of late deciders is declining: only 27% made up their minds within the last seven days.

— Very few first time voters — only 17%.
— 27% of the electorate were independent

There’s also data leaning towards Obama as well so it hard to predict right now. The exit polls could be spot on and Clinton could be in serious trouble. Results coming in 90 minutes (9:00 PM Eastern)

7:40 PM Eastern: Looks like Captain Ed and I may be right with a surprise Clinton win, per what I assume are midday exit polls:

5:53 Update– Early Exit Poll: Clinton 49 Obama 45 Hold onto your Hats! It’s gonna be a long night!
This poll doesn’t account for evening voters (professionals) who are now getting off work and heading to the polls.
Bad Economy is on Dem. Wisconsin Voters mind.

Start cooking the popcorn folks!

7:53 PM Eastern: For some interesting context before the numbers start coming out we can go to Rasmussen’s latest polling in WI, which shows how these exit poll numbers could play out:

Clinton leads by ten points among women but trails by twenty-three points among men. Clinton leads among voters over 65 while Obama has the edge among younger voters.

The exit polls show record turnout for women in the Democrat side and many more seniors – advantage would seem to go to Clinton. If it is an Obama landslide the networks will call the race before 9:00 PM Eastern by hinting they will be making a call when the polls close. If they hint there is big news but do not say they may be in a position to call the race then it is a big night for Clinton and the exit polls are garbage (again).

8:00 PM Eastern: Interesting exit poll data: Clinton supporters could more easily tolerate an Obama Nomination than Obama supporters:

Nearly 6 in 10 percent of voters who support Hillary Clinton said they would be satisfied if Barack Obama was the party’s nominee; 40 percent said they would not. But the reverse doesn’t hold true: a slim majority of Obama voters said they would not be satisfied if Clinton becomes the Democratic nominee.

Regardless of who wins the dems are on a course for a party crack up at convention time. Looks like both candidates will limp to the convention without the minimum number of delegates.

8:15 PM Eastern: I don’t think this will be an early call. Watching CNN everyone is covering both sides and not hinting at only a huge Obama win, they seem to be saying she might pull something out (and might not). And then there is this statement over at RightPundits.com:

7.50pm – 2nd and 3rd waves of data out. Remember that later waves are statistically adjusted by the poll taking companies to reflect demographics more closely. That is why early data is often wildly off. Things are still unsettled and all over the map at this hour. With that caveat, Obama is looking very good, up by as many as 10-20 points. Still very iffy and things can change. Do not bank on today’s exit polls.

What I disagree with the pundits on is a loss is the end of Hillary. That is so naive and bogus you wonder who could make such a lame comment.

8:23 PM Eastern: Just a reminder, exit polls showed a Kerry win in 2006. It was without a doubt a win…. until the votes started to get counted. And Remember the VA GOP primary were exit polls showed a huge surge for Huckabee, only to see it all disappear by nights end and 100% precincts reporting. Not sure who is winning because the polls are so skewed one way, and that is the same way the pre-election day polls showed: advantage Obama.

8:30 PM Eastern: I think I just heard CNN hint it will be a long night! So much for the Obama landslide, Advantage Clinton.

8:51 PM Eastern: I see more hints on CNN that it is more competitive in WI than the exit polls indicated. Will know for sure in a few minutes, is Clinton another come back kid?

9:00 PM Eastern: CNN is projecting McCain win – duh. CNN is not able to call the race and is now going to be looking at actual returns to see who wins Wisconsin – advantage Hillary just for spooking Obama.

9:15 PM Eastern: Networks are showing the entire McCain victory speech, which means they could be killing time because the results coming in from WI on the Dem side are not mirroring the exit poll data. Another state and another botched set of exit polls – is anyone really surprised?

9:20 PM Eastern: Fox calling the race for Obama. But the 60-40 lead in the early morning shrunk way down by afternoon (54-45). Could the WI race be ‘uncalled’? Watch the results coming in. CNN not yet making the call, interestingly.

9:22 PM Eastern: CNN calls it for Obama as well on exit polls.

9:27 PM Eastern: I have no doubt McCain won. I am curious about Obama’s win holding up and his margin. He needs a big win to say he has slain the Clinton beast. I will update this post when we get closer to final totals. Check here at CBS News for up to the minute results.

10:37 PM Eastern: Looking with the returns at 50% of the precincts reporting in it looks like a reasonable win for Obama – but not earth shattering. Right now it is 56-43 on the votes, but the delegates are 24 Obama and 17 Hillary, so a measly 7 delegate increase in a razor thin lead. One that could be easily reversed with a good showing on March 4th. The Democrat death grip on their candidates continues.

12:05 AM Eastern: Same link as above – looks like the 60-40 exit polls were spot on (58-41) in the Dem race. That 17% win is the same as McCain over Huckabee.

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  1. WWS says:

    Redwood, although I generally agree with your characterization of the super-delegates as the ultimate empty suits, I don’t believe they had anything to do with Mondale in ’84. The Super Delegate system was created by Terry McCauliffe in the last few years, and most people think it was specifically designed to benefit Hillary. (McCauliffe having been hand picked to be DNC chair by the Clintons)

    Who else could have been nominated by the Dems in 84, Gary Hart? Remember the “Monkey Business” that ended not just Hart’s campaign, but Hart’s entire political career? Dems had no one viable to go to that year except Mondale, and he was pathetic.

  2. Terrye says:

    I think those super delegates were put there to stop a Jesse Jackson kind of candidate.

  3. Terrye says:

    I read over at Power Line that the Democrats actually voted for Clinton, it was the crossovers that went for Obama.

    Obama says he can unify the country, but so far he has not been able to unify his party. At least McCain is not promising to transform the world.