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May 30 2007

Berezovsky Tries To Pre-empt Lugovoi’s Sensational News Conference

Major Update: The Independent article on Berezovsky’s latest claims is finally accessible, and there are some really interesting details regarding how close Lugovoi and Berezovsky were – giving some strange credence to Lugovoi’s claims about Berezovsky and Litvinenko: Mr Berezovsky shed light on his relationship with the former FSB agent Andrei Lugovoy just before the […]

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May 30 2007

Poor Judgement Is Not The Same As Patriotism

I watched Special Report with Brit Hume and it was great to see the Immigration Hypochondriacs running amok again. Laura Ingraham was especially sad, and helpful to Bush’s cause. So was Rush (I bet you I lose my top 13 listing over this one). When Bush points out how heated rhetoric (like the word ‘amnesty’ […]

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May 30 2007

Cheney Gets An “I Told You So”

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I looked back and saw this post I wrote on April 15th stating Cheney was right in predicting the Dems would pass a clean Iraq war funds bill without conditions. Cheney gets an “I Told You So” for that one! I guess I do too.

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May 30 2007

Bush’s Sister Soldjah Moment On Immigration

Those on the far right of the immigration issue have lived on exaggeration and wild, unsubstantiated claims. The readers on this site who twist the need for a manageable and enforceable guest worker program into cries of amnesty and voting rights for immigrants are the classic example of a lack of any good argument being […]

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May 30 2007

Valerie Heading For Perjury And Obstruction Charges

Wilson and Plame have failed to understand one thing about the DoJ – they do not like ANYONE lying to them about investigations. There is a point where professional morals and conduct trump partisan feelings. People tend to associate very much with their career and profession (of course). So when that profession is under attack […]

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May 30 2007

The Surge, As Seen From The Front Lines

While the Democrats dazzle us with their telescopic X-ray vision, which allows them to see halfway across the world and report on events in Iraq, it is also worth noting what those simple humans on the front lines are seeing regarding the new strategy. The Multi-National Force website has some observations from these heroic folks […]

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May 30 2007

Democrat Is OK With Protecting Terrorist Communications Into America

OK, I thought I hd heard every idiotic thing in the world out of the Democrats. But when I think they can’t get anymore dangerous or stupid, their Bush Derangement Syndrome grabs hold of them and they align themselves with our enemies. I kid you not, but the new chairman of the House Intel committee […]

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May 30 2007

Hillary The Socialist

You know what the problem with the Democrats is? They assume only government will do good and, if left on our own, people will hurt and undermine each other. History, of course, proves otherwise. As long as people are independent and do not hand over their life decisions to some bureacrat playing god (which bureacrats […]

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