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May 10 2007

From Us Who Have Mundane Lives

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I could care less about Paris Hilton – she shines zero light into my little mundane life. Lock her up. My family is the beauty in my life.

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May 10 2007

Sick Liberal Hollywood Stunt

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Liberal Hollywood has plumbed new depths of vulgarity and anti-military trash. For the last nearly 6 years, since 9-11, America has fostered a new-found pride in our military and those who serve on the front-lines here on our streets. Our military has risked – and lost – life and limb in the service of this […]

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May 10 2007

SurrenderMedia Trying To Cover For Dem Surrender On Iraq

President Bush is about to get his way. He will have funding without restrictions on HIS decisions on how to progress the war. In a laughable cover up attempt, the SurrenderMedia is trying to cover for the Surrendercrats behind the figleaf that Bush has compromised on ‘benchmarks’. resident George W. Bush, under growing political pressure, […]

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May 10 2007

More Bad News For Surrendercrats

We all know the SurrenderMedia will hide information that negatively impacts their liberal puppet masters in Congress. They can no more face reality than the Surrendercrats. But those polls that show support for benchmarks and a timeline (aka – a plan) also show little support for the Surrendercrats, who clearly do not relfect America: CNN/Opinion […]

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May 10 2007

Dems Are “Crumbling”

Just snatched this bit of great news off Memeorandum: It’s time to replace some conservative Democrats in Washington, DC. I just heard from an impeccable source that there is serious concern on the Hill that conservative Democrats in the House will vote with the Republicans to strip any and all restrictions from the Iraq supplemental […]

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May 10 2007

11 House Members A “Crumble” Does Not Make

Ed Morrissey, who I admire immensely, is out with bit of an exaggeration today. His post claims GOP support for Bush is “starting to crumble”. Why? 11 moderates went to the White House to stomp their feet. now 11 members out of over 100 is around 10%. And none of the names are big conservative […]

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May 10 2007

Big News In Iraq – Diyala Turns Against Al Qaeda

The Democrat’s and al Qaeda’s worst nightmares apparently are taking shape in Iraq’s Diyala’s Province. The model of success seen in what was the insurgent/al Qaeda stronghold of Anbar Province is now taking shape in Diyala as the Arab/Muslim street is rising up – against al Qaeda!: Arab tribesmen in Baquba have said they will […]

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May 10 2007

“NASA” Said No Such Thing

Drudge has a headline claiming NASA is all on-board the Human-Global-Warming is pure fantasy. NASA is not predicting 110 degree temps in 2080. What is being reported is one person’s fairly fanatical opinions and yet to be reviewed research. The Goddard Institute is not even really a NASA center like the Goddard Space Flight Center […]

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