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May 09 2007

Surrendercrats Going Nowhere Fast

With their approval ratings as bad as President Bush’s, but having to face the voters in 2008 (Bush will not be on the ticket) and with nothing of merit passed after 4+ months in office the Surrendercrats are out to prove they can screw up a political opportunity like no one else. They are proposing […]

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May 09 2007

Forced Brain Washing Of Students

I cannot believe I am seeing the forced brain washing of students, the kind that would make the Nazi propaganda wizard Joseph Goebbels smile in his grave. To receive a degree from Roger Williams University in Rhode Island, students are being forced to watch “An Inconvenient Truth,” the documentary on global warming produced by former […]

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May 09 2007

Dems Hanging By A Thread On Iraq

The Democrats – er, sorry.. SurrenderCrats – are barely holding on to public support regarding Iraq. The SurrenderMedia is touting a new poll showing the public is giving support to deadlines, but the poll also shows the Democrats cannot sustain that support. Especially if it becomes well known in this country that we have already […]

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May 09 2007

The Battle For Diyala Will Not Be Short

The battle for Diyala Province, which should settle whether Iraq will stabilize or not, will not be short. And we need to recognize those who are sacrificing now, in the face of SurrenderCrat’s trying to fulfill the enemy’s wildest hopes. We need to recognize that these soldiers and marines on the ground are the ones […]

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