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May 27 2007

ABC News Killed Good People

ABC News recently blew open a CIA effort to topple the Iranian regime (and therefore avoid a military confrontation with the West over nuclear weapons and Iran’s multi-front terrorist war in Iraq and Lebanon and Afghanistan). And as feared, Iran took advantage of this treason-for-Pulitzer, corporate greed and was able to take action against the […]

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May 27 2007

A Memorable Day In Iraq

Today is a day to remember for 41 al Qaeda torture victims as the US, working on tips from locals, saved their lives by raiding what turned out to be an al Qaeda prison: U.S. forces freed at least 41 kidnapped Iraqis, some of whom had been tortured and suffered broken bones, during a raid […]

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May 27 2007

This Memorial Day

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This weekend, while we celebrate our oldest daughter’s graduation from college with friends and family, we will be reflecting on the sacrifices of so many families across this nation who have given one of their own in the protection of our freedom. I want to let those families know that they and their lost loved […]

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May 27 2007

The US Media Learns Of Anbar Success

The Democrats are going to face an ugly summer. I mentioned earlier in a post (somewhere!) that the media was not doing the Dems any favors by sitting on the news of success in Anbar. My point was that when the ‘mainstream’ media did get around to telling the story of this success it would […]

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May 27 2007

The Coming Middle East War

al Qaeda has decided to go ‘all in’ and take their losing fight to the Muslim street as they are being routed in Iraq. al Qaeda is fairly predictable. They get bellicose when they are losing and quiet when things are going their way. I posted previously on how al Qaeda was setting the stage […]

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