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May 22 2007

CIA’s Internal Enemy Spies Mount Another Treasonous Exposure

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I will put this simply for the folks to contemplate. If we do not topple Iran from within we will be forced to face them militarily. We should have supported the Kurds and Shiites after Gulf War I to topple Saddam so we would not have to use force to disarm him and then be […]

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May 22 2007

Guest Worker Program Sustained

As I said, there is not enough opposition in the Senate (or the country for that matter) to derail the guest worker program for immigrant workers, as shown in the second key vote for the immigration bill: A comprehensive immigration bill survived a significant test on Tuesday as the Senate voted to keep a provision […]

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May 22 2007

Polonium Spill In Hotel Room

We now have a huge hole in the UK case against Lugovoi, IF (and this is a big ‘if’) media reports are accurate. The UK media has been force fitting evidence to their pet “Putin ordered the killing” theory for so long they have forgot to sanity check the their theories. So let’s do it […]

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May 22 2007

Lugovoi Watch

I am in a rare mood of unbridled anticipation as the Litvinenko story is about to take a big, big turn. With the news this week that UK authorities had decided to charge Andre Lugovoi with premeditated murder by use of Po-210 (a crazy idea all around) I thought we would have to wait until […]

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May 22 2007

Dems Surrender To Bush II

The reporting yesterday that the Dems have surrendered to Bush on the Iraq War funding Bills has been confirmed in reporting today: House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer confirmed Tuesday a final Iraq spending bill will not include a deadline for troop withdrawals, but promised that Democrats would try to end the war using next year’s […]

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May 22 2007

Lugovoi Charged In Litvinenko Death

Finally some movement in the Litvinenko case. The prosecutors in London have decided to charge Andrei Lugovoi for deliberate murder: An ex-KGB agent is to be charged in connection with the murder of poisoned former Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko, the Crown Prosecution Service said. A warrant has been issued for the arrest of Moscow-based Andrei […]

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