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May 18 2007

Guest Worker Program Success

Addendum: It seems that all across the right side of the blogoshpere the sky is falling! LOL!. I am so glad I am an independent. Hysterics over documenting undocumented workers is the exact kind of reaction I said would marginalize the right. The far right has officially jumped the shark. The far left has too. […]

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May 18 2007

Diyala Update

Lots of news today on the effort to uproot al Qaeda from its last, large stronghold in Diyala Province, Iraq. The terrorists tried to attack a US position in Baquoba, the capitol city of Diyala and the so-called capitol of al Qaeda’ modern Caliphate: About 50 suspected insurgents attacked a U.S. base in the center […]

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May 18 2007

Another Happy Blog-a-Versary

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Once again AJ is on the road for his blogaversary. I’m sure he’ll find time at the airport to blog a bit but I wanted to congratulate him on another great year!! P.S. How do you all like the banner??

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