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May 07 2007

Embryos For Profit

One needs to only look at today’s so called claim of ESCR success (one which is well behind similar results in heart patients from ASCR therapies) to understand why embryos are the desired sources for spare parts: “We have developed for the first time a simple and highly scalable source of human hemangioblasts,” stated Shi-Jiang […]

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May 07 2007

Any Cell Type From Adult Stem Cells

Want to know how many types of cells can be created from Adult Stem Cell procedures? Answer: All of them: PrimeCell Therapeutics’ researchers have taken adult stem cells from mouse testes, the germ line, and reprogrammed them to exhibit pluripotentiality – the ability to transform into any other cell type in the body. Using human […]

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May 07 2007

Iran About To Unleash Wave Of Terrorists On Kurdish Iraq?

OK, this in some ominous news from the Iran-Iraq border: A source within the Kurdish peshmerga militia – which allied itself with the US-led coalition in the 2003 war and serves as the main security force for the Kurdistan regional government – added that “intelligence acquired by the local authorities shows that Ansar al-Islam and […]

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May 07 2007

Al Qaeda Targets Muslims Fighting For Freedom

Al Qaeda and its sister Islamo Fascist groups are now in pitched battles against the very Muslims ready to fight for a free and democratic Iraq. The SurrenderMedia has yet to ‘connect the dots’ but the Iraqis are not so slow and are very clear about what is happening: Two suicide car bombers killed 20 […]

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May 07 2007

Enviros Over The Kuckoo’s Nest

The enviro-nuts have really started to come out and show their true colors – and it is disturbing. With almost no science to back them up and facing a wealth of completely contradicting evidence the enviro-nuts have targeted Enemy #1: humans (which is oxymoronic in a myriad of ways, the least of which is we […]

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