May 30 2007

Poor Judgement Is Not The Same As Patriotism

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I watched Special Report with Brit Hume and it was great to see the Immigration Hypochondriacs running amok again. Laura Ingraham was especially sad, and helpful to Bush’s cause. So was Rush (I bet you I lose my top 13 listing over this one). When Bush points out how heated rhetoric (like the word ‘amnesty’ and calling people “RINOs” and “Traitors) would only continue the status quo Ingraham felt her patriotism was being questioned. No dear, it was just your poor judgement. Stiff upper lip time.

The rantings by the far right on Immigration follows a long line of dissention with Bush, and all along the way the dissenters questioned everthing from Bush’s patriotism to his respect of life to his intelligence. It started with Harriet Miers (questioning his respect for life), went onto Dubai Ports (questioning is patriotism and protection of our nation) and now is onto Immigration (all of the above).

The fact is the far right has become intolerable of tolerance. They have been on a tear for purity, sacrificing progress at every turn. The examples they throw out of criminal elements inside the immigrant community are the kinds of concerns this bill will fix, yet the peddlers of those horror stories stand firmly against doing anything about them! Sorry folks, but poor judgement is not the same thing as being patriotic. The Liberals feel it is patriotic to surrender to al Qaeda. The far right is the same way about stopping the documenting of undocumented workers.

The far right has completely split the conservative coalition on many topics – the latest being immigration. The conservative coalition has been torn apart by these obstinate hardliners. Now it is patriotic to leave us with the very dangerous status quo, but unpatriotic to want to fix the problems. That is some crazy pretzel logic. Bush’s Sister Soldjah moment is working quite well, because he has the far right just babbling incoherently, and dangerously.

The schism started by the far right is now for real – and escalating. Rush Limbaugh is saying the far right will not back Bush on Iraq because he called them all their exaggerations. Hopefully for American, and the GOP, Rush is dead wrong. The Far Right staged their big pout in 2006 and left the nation with a Democrat Congress hell bent on giving al Qaeda their first win in the War on Terror. If the far right thinks they can stage another big pout and cement al Qaeda’s win, simply because many of us are tired of the endless excuses to not act on immigration, then they are treading on political extinction. Rush better rethink his comment. Blackmail doesn’t go over well with people. epecially if the blackmail entails letting al Qaeda win in Iraq so they can come after us here. That is as close to a death threat as I ever want hear.

If Laura and Rush want to now say they are withholding support for our efforts in Iraq until they get their silly way on immigration then we WILL call into question their patriotism. Right now it is only their judgement on this ONE issue that is lacking. They can be wrong on one issue and be forgiven. We are all human. However, they cannot hold a nation hostage with the threat of letting al Qaeda win Iraq and ever be forgiven.

The far right does not have the support they think they have. They have their echo chambers, but they do not have the poll numbers. I am one of a few willing to speak out clearly and passionately that the Conservative movement, on this one issue, is being led astray by the vocal talking heads – while the voters head towards another path. Laura and Rush can pout and confuse their judgement with patriotism all day long. But do not threaten us. That is a line that you will never cross back over. America is truly ready to dump the hot heads and support the hot ideas. The DC swamp needs to be drained. We can start with those making not-so-veiled threats against this nation.

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  1. TomAnon says:

    Getting upset about Miss America being booed, how silly. How about the US World Cup Team being taunted with Osama, Osama, ,, during the National Anthem when played in Mexico. How about Hugo’s tirades, Castros tirades, just words, c’mon now, sticks and stones, you know the rest…..

  2. ivehadit says:

    Aj, excellent post! Right on the money. I detest being held hostage and being blackmailed by those who are the true RINO-Conservatives first! Fine. We all have our points of belief, but some have forgotten how they got to the party, imho. Over-reached.

    And SallyVee, I couldn’t agree with you more…And just when the dems are imploding, conservatives have to go and do the same thing. Geeze. Have you ever seen a group that can’t handle success more than conservatives?

    Some need to look in their hearts…what demons are there? Power needs? Needs to be “right”? Resentment? Boundary issues? (gotta have rigid boundaries when you they’re really weak)

    I adore Rush. I really do. But I am very upset with him on this. I will still love him but will not support what he is doing. Laura is a very heart-broken person, imho. Sean-at least he really likes Rudy!

    They all mean well but they are acting out, imho.

  3. PA. TONY says:

    AJ and Gang: Enjoy Strata-Sphere each night especially all the educational comments. This is the greatest blog on immigration and you are becoming my first hit each evening. Your opinions have some valid points, however I feel the Senate cannot be trusted as the past has proved. Your comment about Rush was off base – he said the opposite of what you wrote about not giving Bush support for our efforts in Iraq. Please AJ do not quote the Big Man unless you listen to him. You wrote that piece like a liberal.
    P.S. my previous comment needed a spell check (written in the early morning hours). Great Job. Keep the blog rolling with great comments that follow.

  4. For Enforcement says:


    You obviously either didn’t read this thread, which clearly shows that Rush supports Bush, or you just chose to ignore it.

    If you think this compromise bill has a chance of making anyone look good (other than the ones responsible for getting it defeated) then you just haven’t read the bill. But then it’s clear that you don’t understand the issue. Go back to your Lefty sites.

  5. Bikerken says:

    San Diego local news: Day before yesterday, a car with NINE illegals in it rolls over running from the police strewing bodies everywhere. Last night, a border patrolman was involved in a shooting. He pulled over a car with THIRTEEN illegals in it, the driver tried to grab his gun and he ended up shooting and killing the driver. I hope Jorges justice department isn’t going to send this BP to prison too!

    Whenever you start talking amnesty, and you can spout all the “it’s not really amnesty” garbage you want, the mexicans know what it is, the activity down here at the borders reaches a fevered pitch. I want to thank all of you who don’t have to live with all this fun for bringing it to us. Have a nice day.

  6. Dc says:

    I’ll ask this again: who is going to enforce whatever provisions/rules get decided? They can’t enforce the ones we have “now” which is why we have millions of illegals living and working unmolested in the US for decades.

    After we “document”, the current 11-14 million (conservative est) illegals, what exactly is there to stop another 11 mil or 21 million from coming across the same open border and working and living illegally in the same way if they so choose? Whose going to stop them? Who’s going to enforce whether or not some contractor hires “documented aliens” with work permits or illegals?

    Frankly, if part of the provision is they have to leave and come back in….after this is all said and done..we are STILL going to have 11 million illegals who are undocumented here..because most of them have already said they will not leave under any circumstances—and they aren’t exactly worried about it either. Heck, they go on TV, say who they are, etc…nobody is going to come get them. They know that. What possible motive do any of them have to abide anything that they do not wish to? Tell me again…who is going to enforce it?

    I see the entire thing (all sides)as a completely academic, pointless excercise that is nothing more than mental masturbation and good political folley with no way to enforce anything decided upon.

  7. For Enforcement says:

    DC………and the answer is………NOBODY.

    to your question: I’ll ask this again: who is going to enforce whatever provisions/rules get decided?

    But actually that’s not a problem, because the intent of the bill is that no one will enforce any of it. It’s deliberately written that way. It’s only a ‘feel good’ vote-getting tool for the Dimmicrats.
    But, the bright spot, it’s been discovered. So far, no one, that I know of, that has read it, is for it. And that’s a good thing. All that of for it, that have expressed an opinion, have admitted that they haven’t read it. If anyone that supports it, reads it, let me know so I can change my statistics on it to: Have read it and support it: 1.

    Note: opinion by Hardliner (another name for those that want laws enforced)

  8. ivehadit says:

    Fe, you calling me a lefty is a complete joke! You have no idea what a joke that is. I have posted at for SEVEN YEARS. George Bush is my man. Period. And you are the nutcase, if you can’t see that I listen to Rush EVERY DAY. I know what his positions are…He does not support Bush on this issue!And I disagree with Rush on this issue. Did you not read that on my post?

    And tell me, where is this bill in its completion? Please post. I’m waiting…

    Hysterics in full force today!

  9. AJStrata says:


    See what I mean about the destructive emotions from the far right who who unleashed their conservative civil war and split the governing coalition we had created? Their obsessions have brought down the coalition to teach us a lesson. Lessoned learned – the far right cannot be trusted when they do not get their way.

  10. ivehadit says:

    Exactly AJ! Same behavior (coin) as the dems, just the opposite side.

    Out of control and over the top.

  11. Dc says:

    I’m just asking simple questions. Many people come here as temp legals to work “now” (on visa) and simply stay after it’s expired. There is no one to enforce these laws now. What is in this bill that addresses this? Who is going to track the hundreds of thousands of people here on work visas and follow up on them if they jump ship or stay after their permit expires? Hell, who is going to hand out 11 million visas or permits?

    Who is going to go to work places and check to make sure workers are documented and here legally (ie..with visa or permit, or legal resident)? Who is going to enforce anything? Are we creating an entire new agency of gov to deal with this? I mean..this is a “massive” project here and going to take a great deal of effort. As I’ve said…and I’ll say it one more time….it doesn’t matter what you decide…if you have no way to do it or enforce it.

  12. AJStrata says:

    PA Tony – I wrote what was broadcasted by Fox News. Rush can defend himself and I have no doubt he said he would stand by Bush on Iraq. But the statement still stands – nobody should alter their stand on Iraq because they lose on immigration. And nobody should threaten to do that either. If Rush is simply saying there GOP members and Cons out there who would let al Qaeda win over immigration he is making the case for why these people should be marched out of the conservative movement.

    I did not listen to Rush so I cannot address his full comments. Those who did have commented here to what they witnessed. What I witnessed on Fox still stands – the impression was clear – fold or lose Iraq. If that was due to some slick editing by Fox, then Rush needs to fix it. not my job.

    But Tony, thanks for coming by and sticking with the discussions. I am glad to hear you think the site provides the most open forum. I do not filter anyone\’s comments – no matter how much I disagree with them. I think that, more than anything, demonstrates I respect diverging views. Even ones that are killing the conservative movement.

  13. apache_ip says:

    I offered to compromise. So far, no takers.

    I also offered to have a civil debate with any proponent of this bill who has read it. No takers on that either.

    All I have seen from the proponents of this bill is nothing but name calling and demanding that we accept the bill as is.

    And the proponents call us the “hardliners”????

    It is a world gone mad.

  14. SallyVee says:

    It is true that I no longer listen to Rush, and I speak from rumor and brief clips/transcripts only. In Spring of 06 I believe, I heard him several times reading verbatim from Michelle Malkin’s hysterical site (initially unattributed; later with attribution and worshipful comments following). That’s when I stopped listening to him and colored him “gone.” This was BEFORE the election, and the truth is, Rush’s pitchforking was the harbinger of the loss I feared was coming… so I courageously decided to hide by hitting the OFF button. I did, however, write him about 3 letters (via my paid subscription – “private email to Rush” link) which remain unanswered.

    I also wonder about Rush’s ratings. I’ve heard they’ve dropped but I’ve not seen any specifics. Anecdotally, I can tell you that he let my subscription to go nearly six months past its one-year expiration date this year. In previous years, I’d get 3-4 annoying “warnings” to pay up… one year I was late and got cut off within minutes of the expy date. So I wonder if his recent lax enforcement policy is helping him keep his numbers padded. I do know I will never pay Rush for his pearls of wisdom again. And I dearly hope he has to spend a few of his vaulted millions fighting the Fairness Doc — a stunt engineered by the Left he helped to re-install. He’ll fight that little battle without help from me. Matter of fact, I doubt I’d have a dog in the fight.

  15. For Enforcement says:


    I’ve posted that link several times here on Sphere.

    Sorry I said you were a leftie, if you listen to Rush every day you can’t be all bad. I used to listen every day but now live where it’s not available on local radio(if you can believe that)

    I understood you to say Rush wasn’t backing Bush on the War, not on illegals, so I’m sorry I misunderstood.

    I’m also not familiar with but I’m a middle of the road moderate conservative and I support Bush 100% on every issue except this illegal amnesty compromise, which I’m quite sure he hasn’t read.

    So kindly accept my apology.

  16. For Enforcement says:

    Whoops, I don’t support him on the global warming business either. I don’t believe there is such a thing as Man-made GW. period.

  17. ivehadit says:

    FE, thank you and your apology is warmly accepted. No harm, no foul.